Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence has finished his tenure with the university and now is ready to start the best chapter of his career when he enters the NFL draft next April after spending the last three years with the Tigers. 

He had a terrific stint with Clemson, always playing for important things in each of his seasons there. This year he couldn’t beat the Ohio State Buckeyes and now he’s focused on what’s next for him. 

Now that he’s ready to leave college and go play in the NFL, the young player sent a big message to his team, thanking everybody for the support and all the moments he lived in Clemson. 

Trevor Lawrence thanks Clemson as he gets ready for the NFL draft 

Lawrence shared a video on social media with a big message for the play that was his home for the last three years before he goes to the NFL, where he’ll probably be drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars as the No. 1 overall pick later this year. 

“Looking back on it, I hope my legacy at Clemson is that I was a great teammate and a great person overall,” Lawrence said in the video he posted to Twitter. “More than football, more than how I played each game is just how I treated people. I want that to be the main thing that I’m known for and I feel like over the last three years that’s the thing I’ve kept as a priority — just treating people well and being a good person, so I hope that’s my legacy when I leave here.”

He didn’t forget about the coaches, teammates and all the people that helped him and supported him during his years in Clemson, as well as his friends and family. 

“It’s taught me how to be a better man … and that’s the biggest takeaway,” Lawrence said about his time at Clemson. “Obviously, it’s made me a better football player, but that’s kind of secondary to what it’s taught me about life. I really feel like I’m a man now… The best is always yet to come.”

Lawrence is ready to start a new chapter in his life and the JAGS are expected to be the next destination for him. The Floridian team beat New York Jets for the No. 1 overall pick and now they’re ready to land their franchise player, one that is expected to give them plenty of joy for several years to come.