It's not a secret to anybody that most American athletes don't stand with Donald Trump, as they've been quite outspoken on social media regarding their despise of the current President of the United States.

Trump hasn't shied away from those controversies and has constantly fired back at the athletes as well, especially when it comes to LeBron James or most NBA players. This time, however, it was an NFL superstar the one who stole the headlines.

The thing is that Arizona Cardinals superstar DeAndre Hopkins may have started his tenure in the desert with the wrong foot for some of the team's fans, as he was recently caught flipping off a Trump's supporters rally en route to their Sunday Night Football clash vs. the Seattle Seahawks.

Obviously, that didn't sit well for some people on the internet and even claimed that Hopkins was a threat to their security during the rally, while the former Houston Texans player was praised and lauded by a lot of people who don't stand with Donald Trump either. Here, we'll show you the most controversial reactions to the incident.

Twitter Reacts To DeAndre Hopkins Flipping Off Trump Supporters

Hopkins didn't let his haters get into his head ahead of the matchup with Russell Wilson and the Seahawks, as he finished the game with 10 receptions for 103 yards and one touchdown, helping the Cardinals come back to get an impressive 37-34 win in overtime.

The Cardinals traded for Hopkins in the offseason in one of the most shocking moves we've seen in years, clearly proving that they're sold and invested into this team and that they believe that they can make a run at the Super Bowl right now.

Now, even if that happens, it seems like some Cardinals fans aren't going to be rooting for Hopkins anyway, even if he manages to grab the Super Bowl-winning touchdown with time running out. For others, he's already a hero.