For many NFL scouts, Caleb Williams is one of the best prospects they have seen in recent years. The USC quarterback is aware of it and wants to take advantage of the situation by making a delusional demand that could shake the entire 2024 Draft.

Caleb Williams is probably the most popular player in college football right now. He’s one of the most talented quarterbacks scouts have ever seen, and some of them even put him ahead of legends such as Peyton Manning or Russell Wilson.

Nevertheless, this hype has created that Williams controls his future. According to reports, he won’t commit to the 2024 NFL Draft if he doesn’t like the team holding the 1st overall pick, and now he has stirred the upcoming event with a new shocking request.

Caleb Williams makes delusional request to the team that selects him in the 2024 NFL Draft

The USC Trojans have an impressive quarterback in Caleb Williams. His precision, football knowledge, and skills have shocked everybody, and several NFL teams are following closely to try to select him next year.

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Williams would only make his name available for the 2024 NFL Draft if he likes the team that is holding the 1st overall pick. Unfortunately for the Chicago Bears, they are not reportedly on his list of clubs he would want to play for.

Nevertheless, the former Oklahoma Sooners player has an additional request for the team that chooses him in the 2024 NFL Draft: to grant him a stake as part-owner of the franchise.

ProFootballTalk reported that Williams has expressed his desire for partial ownership from the NFL team that drafts him in the upcoming year. His representatives have been communicating this request since July.

This indicates that Williams intends to engage in discussions with the team holding the 1st overall selection at the end of the 2023 NFL season. He seeks assurance that the franchise is willing to entertain his request, which, although viewed by many fans as delusional, is his stipulation for entering the upcoming draft.

SURVEY Should Caleb Williams declare for the 2024 NFL Draft if the Bears have the 1st overall pick?

Should Caleb Williams declare for the 2024 NFL Draft if the Bears have the 1st overall pick?