The legacy built by Tom Brady in the NFL will live forever in football's history. The main figure of the New England Patriots dynasty that claimed six Super Bowl rings kept on impressing despite his age, showing his dominance in this sport. 

At 43 years of age, the legendary quarterback proved his talent once again. With a new team after a successful 19-year spell with the Foxborough franchise, Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to one of their happiest memories ever, winning Super Bowl LV at home.

The superstar that still dazzles in one of the most popular competitions in the world has recorded uncountable achievements, aside from the rings he claimed so far. Being arguably the best quarterback in the league, Brady excelled in his offensive tasks. Find out which was his highest amount of passing yards in a season.

Brady's most passing yards in a single NFL season

The most yards Tom Brady has thrown for in a season were 5,235 in 2011. That year, he and the Patriots reached the Super Bowl XLVI with a 13-3 record from the regular season, but they lost in the main event against the New York Giants.

Tom Brady reached his most passing yards in a season in 2011 (Getty).

However, that remains Brady's greatest season in terms of passing yards so far. The closest he was of repeating such a mark was in the following campaign, when he completed 4,827 yards. From then on, the QB managed to throw at least 4,000+ yards almost every season, except in 2016 when his record was of 3,554.

What Brady accomplished in 2011 shouldn't be disregarded, as he became one of only eight quarterbacks that threw for more than 5,000 yards in a single regular season. Payton Manning holds the highest mark with 5,477 in the 2013 campaign while Drew Brees is the only player that achieved it more than once - he made it in five seasons.