One of the most responsible for France playing in two consecutive World Cup finals, Didier Deschamps had one tough day against Argentina. Despite the sub players worked out for his playing style, and tied the game 3-3, there wasn't a clear chance in the penalty shootout, which ended 4-3 loss to Argentina.

Kylian Mbappe had a huge night with three goals scored, however, this time Antoine Griezmann didn't play well, and Olivier Giroud didn't create any clear chances to be close to win this final matchup. At the end, Deschamps had to move his players around, and did it good.

However, the penalty shoout was a big show for Argetina's goalkeeper. Emiliano Martinez was the main reason, two of the three French players couldn't score in his shot. Now, with a young promising team, the French football federation has to decide what's the next step.

Didier Deschamps reveals his future as France's coach

"If after being down 2-0, we lose 3-0, we would not have regretted it in the same way, we would have simply said congratulations. But I congratulate this Argentine team, who showed quality, aggressiveness and even cunning. We expected it and that should not detract from their merit." Deschamps started in his postgame interview.

"It could have been worse or better, there are decisions that can give rise to discussion, as in all matches. Before the final I allowed myself to say that Argentina would not be unhappy, I won't say the opposite now, but I don't want to take away credit for winning this World Cup." he added.

"Even if the result had been the opposite, I would not have given the answer today. I am very
I am very sad for my players and my staff. I will have an appointment with my president at the beginning of the year and then they will know." he finished with doubts about his future as the head of the national team of France.