Yes, every fan around the world would like to attend the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 live. Unfortunately this will not be possible, so you have to take advantage of every opportunity to get tickets for it as the official resale window.

After two official ticket sales phases, FIFA announced that of the two million tickets on sale to the general public (1 million are for FIFA partners and sponsors of the World Cup), only 200,000 tickets were still available. These tickets may have been almost entirely sold out in the First Come First Served phase. 

So, if you want to be in Qatar 2022 or if you were one of the lucky ones who bought tickets but by a bad joke of fate you will not be able to use them, the resale window is the ideal opportunity for you. Below you will find out how long it lasts, how to buy or resell tickets and the commissions for each purchase and sale. 

How long does the upcoming FIFA World Cup ticket resale window last?

With the upcoming World Cup Qatar 2022 fast approaching, FIFA must ensure that all outstanding issues are resolved. One of them is ticket sales. In this section, the official resale of tickets appears as an issue to be solved.

First of all, it is important to clarify that tickets to the World Cup can only be purchased and resold through FIFA's platforms. Any other way would be getting you closer to an unfortunate fraud, so do not fall into scams. 

The official resale of Qatar 2022 tickets began on August 2 and will end at the same time as the First Come First Served ticket sale phase, this is on August 16 at 12:00 pm Doha, Qatar, so hurry up before the deadline arrives.

What is the difference between regular ticket sales and World Cup ticket resale?

Simple: the tickets that are available. Thus, the tickets that have NEVER been purchased, so far, for the 64 matches that await us in Qatar 2022, remain on sale in the First Come First Served ticket sales phase at the prices announced by FIFA since the first stage of ticket sales.

But there are matches for which you cannot find tickets in the regular sales phase, but you can find them in the resale phase, because these tickets were previously purchased but their original buyers have decided to get rid of them. The price is different from the original one. 

How to buy tickets in the official ticket resale window for Qatar 2022?

You have to enter the official FIFA portal enabled for this purpose (enter here), enter, or create in case you do not have it, your username and password, and form a virtual queue to wait for you to start your purchase.

Once you have passed the queue, the main interface shows two options: to buy World Cup tickets in the normal window or to purchase them in the resale window. It is there where you have to select the second option in order to start the ticket purchase process, which is exactly the same as the ticket sales window. 

How to resell the tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup that I will not use?

First of all, you should consider yourself lucky, as many more people are looking to buy a ticket than those who want to get rid of it. Have you thought about it again? If you are sure you do not want any of your tickets for Qatar 2022, the procedure to resell them on FIFA's official platform is very simple. 

You must access the ticket sales website with your username and password, wait in the virtual queue and once it is your turn to be already inside the platform you must locate the option Tickets to resell at the side menu. 

In that window you provide your ticket data, which are validated so that the FIFA system proceeds to place them as available tickets to be purchased in the resale window for the upcoming World Cup. Once this step has been taken, there will be no turning back and you will have to say goodbye to those tickets. 

Is there a charge for buying or selling tickets at the Qatar 2022 resale window?

Conventional wisdom says that good things cost money. And this unique opportunity to both purchase and resell tickets is no exception. FIFA stipulated that both the purchaser and the reseller, or original purchaser, will have to pay a fee per ticket sold. 

So, the fee to be paid is charged according to the total amount paid for the ticket, so both the buyer and the reseller must pay the greater of a minimum of 2 riyals (40 Qatari riyals tickets) or 5 percent of the value of the ticket (all other tickets). 

How do I receive a ticket purchased in the resale window or the payment for it if I sold one?

All tickets purchased at the Qatar 2022 resale window will be delivered in their virtual or mobile version. That is, you will not be able to have them printed as a usual souvenir of one of the coolest experiences there is, such as attending a FIFA World Cup. 

Regarding the reseller, FIFA will send the refund of the ticket you have originally bought, less the fee that it must be paid for using the resale ticket window platform, within 30 working days after the ending of the resale window.