The history of the FIFA World Cup could not be complete without addressing wonderful chapters written by the passion of the fans who religiously attend its matches and leave their souls in them. Qatar 2022 will be no exception to this, especially thanks to one of the most special fans in world soccer: that of Lionel Messi's Argentina.

The Albiceleste is one of only eight National Teams that can boast of having won the coveted FIFA World Cup, and not just once, but twice. Both Argentina 1978 and Mexico 1986 are remembered for the exploits of their stars but also for the warmth of their passionate fans. 

That is why in Qatar 2022 a maneuver is being cooked that could well be unique in the world, as it is a gesture that perfectly shows the unconditional support that Lionel Messi and Argentina have in any tournament they play, regardless of the part of the world in which this happens.

La Scaloneta Flotante, the cruise ship that will ignite Qatar 2022

The culture of the host country of the upcoming FIFA World Cup is very peculiar, and that is well known. That is why this edition of the tournament will be atypical, among other things, because of the restrictions on displays of affection, excessive celebrations and alcohol consumption. These are all characteristics of the Argentinean fans who come to support their National Team without fail. 

Given this scenario, Argentine entrepreneur Gonzalo Velazquez, owner of the tourism services company Vuela Viajes, decided to offer a product that could meet the very special needs of his country's fans who will go to Qatar 2022. This is how the Scaloneta flotante was born. 

It is a ship, a cruise ship specifically, rented by Velazquez that will sail from Argentina to Qatar with the aim of not only hosting Argentine fans who want to support Lionel Messi and the Albiceleste in the FIFA World Cup but also to give them a space to detonate all their passion, full of chants, euphoria and, why not, drinking alcoholic beverages. 

"I saw people who wanted to go out after the matches, party in the clubs, meet up, and knowing that it would be difficult in Qatar because they have a different culture, I came up with the idea of having a boat for Argentine fans, to promote a kind of fan fest but with cultural activities of the country, whether shows or musical performances, and that foreign people could also have access", said Gonzalo Velazquez to Yahoo Sports.

The name given to the cruise could not have been better for a ship that exudes soccer. La Scaloneta is an ode to the soccer ship guided by Lionel Scaloni, which aims to break a 36-year drought without Argentina winning the FIFA World Cup. 

The characteristics of the Scaloneta Flotante, the cruise ship of the Argentinean fans in Qatar 2022

The capacity of the huge vessel is 2840 people, which can be accommodated thanks to its 12-story structure. It will also have a wide variety of amenities such as internal and external double and triple cabins, swimming pools, five restaurants, twelve bars, a theater with a capacity of 1,500 people, spa, gym and even a soccer field located on the top floor. You will be stranded at Doha's main pier during your stay.

One of the great advantages and attractions of the floating Scaloneta is that anyone who pays for a place on the cruise will automatically have a ticket included for each of Argentina's three matches in the group stage of Qatar 2022, against Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland. 

How much does a place on the Scaloneta Flotante at the FIFA World Cup cost?

Nothing is free in this life and this cruise is no exception. There is a price to pay to be part of the experience of exercising as freely as possible the fanaticism and passion for the Argentina National Team and Lionel Messi in Qatar 2022, and that is 7500 dollars. Obviously, the cost of the flight to the host country of the World Cup must be added. 

Due to a possible saturation of flights to Qatar 2022, the floating Scaloneta could make a short stop in Dubai, located approximately 600 kilometers away from Doha, to be boarded there no later than November 17 and then start the journey to the land of the FIFA World Cup.