A World Cup without beer. The image was really difficult to assimilate, even to imagine, since the consumption of the famous alcoholic beverage has accompanied the tasting of sporting events of the caliber of the one that will take place in Qatar 2022 for a long time. Fortunately for all those who were alarmed by this issue, the solution has finally arrived and is favorable to their wishes.

When the possibility was raised that the upcoming World Cup scoreboard would impose Qatar's teetotal tradition on the ritual of drinking beer while enjoying a soccer match, there was dismay among fans. This did not suit FIFA for reasons of brand loyalty and, above all, for economic reasons, since it is well known that beer consumption associated with the enjoyment of soccer brings in millions of dollars. 

Thus, and after several months of negotiations, a resolution was finally reached, and in it they opted for inclusion and respect for the tradition of millions of fans, but... with some conditions so as not to stain too much the tradition of the host country of Qatar 2022, in which the consumption of alcohol is punishable. 

The moments when alcohol can be drunk during the upcoming FIFA World Cup

According to many media reports, including the AP agency, FIFA has confirmed that beer consumption will be allowed during Qatar 2022, to the relief of many beer-loving fans. However, it would be subject to certain times and places. 

Unlike previous World Cups in which there could be no goals or even spectacle in a match, but beer flowed at all times, in the 8 stadiums of Qatar 2022, beer will be sold only 3 hours before and 1 after the 64 matches. That is, during the development of the game, the alcoholic beverage will not be available. 

What can be consumed inside the stadium, and during the games, in what may be taken as a bad joke for beer lovers, is a version of this drink but without any alcohol. Of course, this is separate from the policy that applies to those who purchased FIFA Hospitality packages, the most expensive available, which include alcoholic beverages during World Cup matches.

Alcohol at FIFA Fan Fests

Traditionally, FIFA provides a large space in the main cities of the host country of a World Cup so that fans who do not have tickets for the matches can watch the games surrounded by other fans in a similar condition, to create an atmosphere as close as possible to that of a stadium. 

It was unthinkable, until Qatar 2022, that in the so-called Fan Fest there would be no indiscriminate sale of alcohol. For the upcoming World Cup, the sale of beer will be controlled as it can only take place from 6.30 p.m. onwards. 

The local match schedules for Qatar 2022 indicate that soccer action will take place at 1, 4, 7 and 10 pm. Thus, fans attending the Fan Fest will not be allowed to consume beer during the first two matches of the day. 

The official beer brand of Qatar 2022

Also, according to the information published by the aforementioned media, it has been reiterated that the beer that will be on sale, with the aforementioned restrictions, in Qatar 2022 will be Budweiser beer, which has a contract with FIFA to be the alcoholic beverage of the World Cup.