Opportunities are a non-renewable resource. You have to take advantage of them while they are available, because once they are gone, you can only mourn. This applies, unfortunately, to those wishing to purchase tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

With FIFA's announcement, the pressure has increased: the World Cup has moved up its opening date to November 20, leaving less and less time to secure tickets for any of the 64 matches that will make up Qatar 2022. 

So you may be wondering, with less than 100 days to go before the ball starts rolling in the Middle East, do I still have a chance to buy tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022? There is good news. Read on to find out how.

Qatar 2022 ticket sales phases that have already ended

We must begin by reiterating that there is NO OTHER WAY TO BUY TICKETS other than through the FIFA sales platform. Do not fall for scams or frauds and lose time, money and your illusions of attending the next World Cup. 

There have already been two previous ticket sales phases for Qatar 2022. They would have sold almost all the 2 million tickets that FIFA decided to put on sale for the twenty-second edition of the World Cup. The demand was voracious and far exceeded the supply. 

Thus, on August 16, the second phase ended with the First Come, First Served stage, in which the most voracious spirit of the fans came to the fore: unlike the previous stages in which the order of application for tickets did not matter, in the recently completed phase, tickets were dispatched as the applications came in. 

The official resale of tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Strangely enough, resale is authorized for Qatar 2022, as long as it is done under the protection and control of FIFA. Again, selling and buying this type of tickets is only possible on the official platform of the highest soccer governing body in the world. 

In this modality there can always be a chance to find a ticket for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. However, the bad news is that this platform is currently closed, as the period of time to use it, both to sell and buy tickets, also ended on August 16. 

The Last Minute Sales Phase, the last call to attend the 2022 World Cup

FIFA determined that there will be a third and last window of opportunity to purchase tickets for Qatar 2022 both in the regular purchase mode, as well as in the official resale, and this is the Last Minute Sales Phase. 

According to information shown on the official sales portal, this will be the last opportunity to purchase tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup and will be enabled when the World Cup is about to begin. Its modality will again be First Come, First Served, that is, get ready to compete against the millions of fans who want a ticket for Qatar 2022.

The recommendation is simple: keep an eye on this website, as FIFA will publish the date on which the Qatar 2022 Last Minute Sales Phase will begin. Once it ends, there will be no turning back and the opportunity to buy a ticket for the upcoming World Cup will be gone forever. Good luck to you.