For seven consecutive FIFA World Cups, the Mexico National Team has had mixed emotions, because while it has not stopped participating in the great tournament, it has literally been stuck at the same stage: the Round of 16. Qatar 2022 is on the horizon as a new and golden opportunity to transcend. 

To this effect, it is well known that the essential thing is for Gerardo Tata Martino to perfect the game model that he has been trying to implement for three years with Mexico. It is also essential that the El Tri players who will play in the FIFA World Cup arrive in good physical and mental shape. 

However, there is another key aspect in which Mexico would already have a good part of the task done. And that is support. Yes, on the field there are two teams facing each other alone, but the feeling of support, the impulse that comes from the stands, contributes to improve or worsen the performance. Qatar 2022 must be prepared because a true Mexican invasion is coming. 

Mexican fans, a must at FIFA World Cups

Mexico may not be a first-world country for many reasons. However, when it comes to supporting their own, especially their National Team in the country's most beloved sport, no resources are spared under any circumstances. 

The statistics on the number of fans present at the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 published by El Pais are proof of this. In that edition, the one preceding Qatar 2022, only Russia, the host country, surpassed Mexico in the number of fans present at the event. A total of 44,000 Mexican citizens attended the tournament. 

The next countries with the largest number of fans at the World Cup were Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and England, which were supported by 36 thousand, 33 thousand, 30 thousand and 21 thousand compatriots. 

How many fans will support Mexico live from Qatar 2022?

According to information released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Mexican government, the number of Mexicans who attended the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 will be surpassed in the upcoming edition of Qatar 2022. The tournament is off to a good start for El Tri

Thus, at least according to the official records of the Mexican government agency, 60 thousand fans will travel to the Middle East to support their team at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The fans have already done their part, but Gerardo Martino's Mexico has yet to do its part on the field.