Life at Chelsea has not been easy for Kai Havertz, who in three seasons never really turned into the solution for Chelsea’s goal scoring problems. Havertz has only 32 goals in 128 games for the club and this season is at 9 in 36 games.

Still the German international has hit a hot streak scoring in Chelsea’s last three matches and cooling the waters of under-fire boss Graham Potter. Still looking to have a breakout year Havertz is hoping his latest run of form will elevate his stock at the club.

While the supporters might have a toxic relationship with their forward his teammates don’t and have given Kai Havertz a strange nickname that the German has embraced.

Chelsea players call Kai Havertz “Donkey”

Kai Havertz’s nickname at Chelsea is “Donkey”, yes like the animal in the Shrek films and the four-legged member of the horse family. Havertz has a major love for donkey’s and has mentioned that the animals give him “peace”.

“Some of my teammates call me Donkey. It’s not because of my football. From day one, I felt a special relationship with donkeys. It’s a very calm animal: maybe I personalized myself in them because I’m calm too.


“They chill all day, don’t do much, just want to live their life. I loved them always. When I lost, I would go to the sanctuary. You look at the animals, see something human in them. It was a kind of recovery, a place I felt peace” the talented German forward mentioned to The Sun.