Morocco was supposed to be one of the big favorites to win the African Nations Championship but things did not go as most expected.

They were going to play in Group C along with Ghana, Madagascar and Sudan but in the end they couldn't attend to dominate the group standings.

Ghana was the first team within that group to advance to the knockout stage, they, like other African Nations Championship teams, are playing with a squad made up of local league players.

Why was the Ghana vs Morocco game cancelled?

Morocco's national soccer team were one of the main guests to play in the 2022 African Nations Champions but due to political issues between the tournament host, Algeria and Morocco in the end they were unable to travel as Morocco was prohibited from landing in Algeria with their national airline.

Without Morocco things are much easier for other favorites, but at the same time the absence of Morocco within the tournament reduces relevance and interest to watch the tournament.

This is not the first time that this type of thing has happened within an African soccer tournament, but it will not be the last time either since the political tensions between the African nations will never stop.