Jack Grealish was gutted when England dropped out of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The Three Lions were defeated by France 2-1, in a game where England were bested by the skill level of France.

Now England is preparing their UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying matches against Italy and Ukraine on 23 and 26 March 2023. In a press conference the Manchester City winger told the press what he did after feeling blue from England’s World Cup elimination.

Jack Grealish took a trip to one of the biggest cities in the world… New York. Grealish revealed how he spent his time in the Big Apple and his love of the Christmas season thanks to his mother.

Jack Grealish’s New York trip

"I've got an addictive personality," Grealish told the press. "The missus always says to me, even when I like a song, I just keep on playing it. I love that film [Home Alone]. I've watched it so many times. It's on every Christmas, isn't it?"


"I loved it. I love Christmas. My mum's always made Christmas so special for me growing up. I've always wanted to go to New York around Christmas time but, obviously, because of football we've never been able to. It was a bucket-list moment. Then I went back into training on the Wednesday, and we were playing Liverpool on the Thursday in the [Carabao] Cup."

This season Grealish has 3 goals in 36 games, in a rather disappointing season for the England international given the amount of expectations that were placed on him when he signed with Man City.