Nicolas Otamendi became one of the most important allies for Lionel Messi in his quest to finally conquer the World Cup. The 35-year old defender was extraordinary playing alongside Cristian Romero facing tough rivals such as France, Croatia, the Netherlands or Mexico.

Furthermore, Nicolas Otamendi knew perfectly well how Lionel Messi felt about giving Argentina a title after a drought of 36 years in the World Cup and 28 years in any international competition. Otamendi was there in the final at South Africa in 2010, the disappointment against France in 2018 and, of course, in three editions at Copa America in which Messi almost touched glory. 

So, Nicolas Otamendi lived the pain and the success. When the tide turned, the defender helped Lionel Messi to win the Copa America in 2021, the Finalissima and the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Otamendi doesn't forget the entire road together and honored Messi with a wonderful tattoo.

Nicolas Otamendi gets a tattoo dedicated to Lionel Messi

Nicolas Otamendi unveiled the spectacular tattoo in a very emotional video. The clip shows the entire making process accompanied by one of the most emblematic songs for Argentina during the World Cup: Arrancármelo by Wos. The title for the tattoo: Gloria Eterna (Eternal Glory).

The tattoo is composed by the image of Lionel Messi touching and kissing the World Cup trophy after defeating France in the final at Qatar. There can also be seen also three words in Spanish: ilusión, convicción, ambición (illusion, conviction and ambition). 

Alongside the image if Lionel Messi, the tattoo has the three trophies won by Argentina in a span of only one year: Copa America, Finalissima and the World Cup. It can be read: "Cómo van a convencerme que la magia no existe (How are you gonna convince me magic doesn't exist)." And, of course, the historic date: 18-12-22.