The Premier League announced that for the 2023/24 season the league will have a rebrand on numbers on the back of kits and the sleeve patch. The Premier League has always kept a unified aesthetic when it comes to jersey numbers and placement of certain badges and logos.

The numbers on the back of each club kit will have a small alteration but it is the league patch on the sleeve that will go through major changes. It is reported that the Premier League Lion will be much more present on the sleeves of players.

The last time the Premier League adjusted their logo and numbers was when Barclays was no longer the league’s principal sponsor.

Changes to Premier League numbers and logos

"We wanted to work closely with Avery Dennison, using their expertise and experience to create new names and numbers which were not only clearer for those watching matches in stadiums or at home, but which also incorporated the Premier League brand more readily," said the Premier League's chief commercial officer Will Brass in a statement.

The Premier League champion of this season will sport a golden Lion logo on their sleeve next season, to stand out from the rest of the clubs. Avery Dennison chief Simon Allen added, "The beauty of the Premier League is that it creates era-defining names and numbers. It is very rare that the design itself changes, so it is an honor for the team at Avery Dennison to have been part of that process.


"The request was for the new design to be an evolution rather than a revolution. With many components to be considered, such as legibility, durability, and readability, we also needed to keep sight of the Premier League branding.

"Through everything, we wanted to ensure that what we put on the pitch keeps the fans in the stadium and watching at home at the heart of it."