After what was an intense Copa de la Liga, finished just a few days ago with Boca as the great champion, the 28 teams of the first division in Argentina are ready to return to the competition for what will be a long tournament of 27 Matchdays. Here you can find the fixtures, dates, teams and TV schedule. In the United States it can be seen through Paramount + (free trial) and Fanatiz (free trial).

This new format will be very different from the previous one, in which the teams were divided into two zones and the first four of each of them advanced to the final round. This tournament will have a strict League format: everyone will play against everyone throughout the 27 Matchdays that the competition will last and the champion will be proclaimed the ones who get the most points.

The main candidates are Boca and River with good performances last championship, although taking into account that both will have to play the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, other teams that do not play international competitions may have greater prominence, such as Estudiantes, Racing or Tigre.

Argentine Liga Profesional 2022: TV Channel 

You can see all the action of the Argentine League in the United States through Paramount + (free trial) and Fanatiz (free trial) as the best options to follow the action of the first division of Argentine soccer. Other options (although they don't have all the games) are: ViX and TyC Sports Internacional.

Argentine Liga Profesional 2022: Fixtures, dates, teams

Matchday 1: 05/06/2022
Unión vs Tigre
Barracas vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Boca vs Arsenal
Banfield vs Newells
San Lorenzo vs Independiente
Talleres vs Sarmiento
Argentinos vs Aldosivi
Estudiantes (LP) vs Gimnasia (LP)
Patronato vs Vélez
Platense vs Godoy Cruz
Racing vs Huracán
Rosario Central vs Lanús
Defensa y Justicia vs River
Atlético Tucumán vs Colón

Matchday 2: 12/06/2022
Colón vs Unión
River vs Atlético Tucumán
Lanús vs Defensa y Justicia
Huracán vs Rosario Central
Godoy Cruz vs Racing
Vélez vs Platense
Gimnasia (LP) vs Patronato
Aldosivi vs Estudiantes (LP)
Sarmiento vs Argentinos
Independiente vs Talleres
Newells vs San Lorenzo
Arsenal vs Banfield
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs Boca
Tigre vs Barracas

Matchday 3: 15/06/2022
Barracas vs Unión
Boca vs Tigre
Banfield vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
San Lorenzo vs Arsenal
Talleres vs Newells
Argentinos vs Independiente
Estudiantes (LP) vs Sarmiento
Patronato vs Aldosivi
Platense vs Gimnasia (LP)
Racing vs Vélez
Rosario Central vs Godoy Cruz
Defensa y Justicia vs Huracán
Atlético Tucumán vs Lanús
Colón vs River

Matchday 4: 19/06/2022
Unión vs River
Lanús vs Colón
Huracán vs AtléticoTucumán
Godoy Cruz vs Defensa y Justicia
Vélez vs Rosario Central
Gimnasia (LP) vs Racing
Aldosivi vs Platense
Sarmiento vs Patronato
Independiente vs Estudiantes (LP)
Newells vs Argentinos
Arsenal vs Talleres
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs San Lorenzo
Tigre vs Banfield
Barracas vs Boca

Matchday 5: 26/06/2022
Boca vs Unión
Banfield vs Barracas
San Lorenzo vs Tigre
Talleres vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Argentinos vs Arsenal
Estudiantes vs Newells
Patronato vs Independiente
Platense vs Sarmiento
Racing vs Aldosivi
Rosario Central vs Gimnasia (LP)
Defensa y Justicia vs Vélez
Atlético Tucumán vs Godoy Cruz
Colón vs Huracán
River vs Lanús

Matchday 6: 03/07/2022
Unión vs Lanús
Huracán vs River
Godoy Cruz vs Colón
Vélez vs Atlético Tucumán
Gimnasia vs Defensa y Justicia
Aldosivi vs Rosario Central
Sarmiento vs Racing
Independiente vs Platense
Newells vs Patronato
Arsenal vs Estudiantes (LP)
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs Argentinos
Tigre vs Talleres
Barracas vs San Lorenzo
Boca vs Banfield

Matchday 7: 10/07/2022
Banfield vs Unión
San Lorenzo vs Boca
Talleres vs Barracas
Argentinos vs Tigre
Estudiantes (LP) vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Patronato vs Arsenal
Platense vs Newells
Racing vs Independiente
Rosario Central vs Sarmiento
Defensa y Justicia vs Aldosivi
Atlético Tucumán vs Gimnasia (LP)
Colón vs Vélez
River vs Godoy Cruz
Lanús vs Huracán

Matchday 8: 17/07/2022
Unión vs Huracán
Godoy Cruz vs Lanús
Vélez vs River
Gimnasia (LP) vs Colón
Aldosivi vs Atlético Tucumán
Sarmiento vs Defensa y Justicia
Independiente vs Rosario Central
Newells vs Racing
Arsenal vs Platense
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs Patronato
Tigre vs Estudiantes (LP)
Barracas vs Argentinos
Boca vs Talleres
Banfield vs San Lorenzo

Matchday 9: 20/07/2022
San Lorenzo vs Unión
Talleres vs Banfield
Argentinos vs Boca
Estudiantes (LP) vs Barracas
Patronato vs Tigre
Platense vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Racing vs Arsenal
Rosario Central vs Newells
Defensa y Justicia vs Independiente
Atlético Tucumán vs Sarmiento
Colón vs Aldosivi
River vs Gimnasia (LP)
Lanús vs Vélez
Huracán vs Godoy Cruz

Matchday 10: 24/07/2022
Unión vs Godoy Cruz
Vélez vs Huracán
Gimnasia (LP) vs Lanús
Aldosivi vs River
Sarmiento vs Colón
Independiente vs Atlético Tucumán
Newells vs Defensa y Justicia
Arsenal vs Rosario Central
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs Racing
Tigre vs Platense
Barracas vs Patronato
Boca vs Estudiantes (LP)
Banfield vs Argentinos
San Lorenzo vs Talleres

Matchday 11: 31/07/2022
Talleres vs Unión
Argentinos vs San Lorenzo
Estudiantes (LP) vs Banfield
Patronato vs Boca
Platense vs Barracas
Racing vs Tigre
Rosario Central vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Defensa y Justicia vs Arsenal
Atlético Tucumán vs Newells
Colón vs Independiente
River vs Sarmiento
Lanús vs Aldosivi
Huracán vs Gimnasia (LP)
Godoy Cruz vs Vélez

Matchday 12: 07/08/2022
Unión vs Vélez
Gimnasia (LP) vs Godoy Cruz
Aldosivi vs Huracán
Sarmiento vs Lanús
Independiente vs River
Newells vs Colón
Arsenal vs Atlético Tucumán
Central Córdoba vs Defensa y Justicia
Tigre vs Rosario Central
Barracas vs Racing
Boca vs Platense
Banfield vs Patronato
San Lorenzo vs Estudiantes (LP)
Talleres vs Argentinos

Matchday 13: 14/08/2022
Argentinos vs Unión
Estudiantes (LP) vs Talleres
Patronato vs San Lorenzo
Platense vs Banfield
Racing vs Boca
Rosario Central vs Barracas
Defensa y Justicia vs Tigre
Atlético Tucumán vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Colón vs Arsenal
River vs Newells
Lanús vs Independiente
Huracán vs Sarmiento
Godoy Cruz vs Aldosivi
Vélez vs Gimnasia (LP)

Matchday 14: 17/08/2022
Unión vs Gimnasia (LP)
Aldosivi vs Vélez
Sarmiento vs Godoy Cruz
Independiente vs Huracán
Newells vs Lanús
Arsenal vs River
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs Colón
Tigre vs Atlético Tucumán
Barracas vs Defensa y Justicia
Boca vs Rosario Central
Banfield vs Racing
San Lorenzo vs Platense
Talleres vs Patronato
Argentinos vs Estudiantes (LP)

Matchday 15: 21/08/2022
Estudiantes (LP) vs Unión
Patronato vs Argentinos
Platense vs Talleres
Racing vs San Lorenzo
Rosario Central vs Banfield
Defensa y Justicia vs Boca
Atlético Tucumán vs Barracas
Colón vs Tigre
River vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Lanús vs Arsenal
Huracán vs Newells
Godoy Cruz vs Independiente
Vélez vs Sarmiento
Gimnasia (LP) vs Aldosivi

Matchday 16: 28/08/2022
Unión vs Aldosivi
Sarmiento vs Gimnasia (LP)
Independiente vs Vélez
Newells vs Godoy Cruz
Arsenal vs Huracán
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs Lanús
Tigre vs River
Barracas vs Colón
Boca vs Atlético Tucumán
Banfield vs Defensa y Justicia
San Lorenzo vs Rosario Central
Talleres vs Racing
Argentinos vs Platense
Estudiantes (LP) vs Patronato

Matchday 17: 04/09/2022
Patronato vs Unión
Platense vs Estudiantes (LP)
Racing vs Argentinos
Rosario Central vs Talleres
Defensa y Justicia vs San Lorenzo
Atlético Tucumán vs Banfield
Colón vs Boca
River vs Barracas
Lanús vs Tigre
Huracán vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Godoy Cruz vs Arsenal
Vélez vs Newells
Gimnasia (LP) vs Independiente
Aldosivi vs Sarmiento

Matchday 18: 11/09/2022
Unión vs Sarmiento
Independiente vs Aldosivi
Newells vs Gimnasia (LP)
Arsenal vs Vélez
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs Godoy Cruz
Tigre vs Huracán
Barracas vs Lanús
Boca vs River
Banfield vs Colón
San Lorenzo vs Atlético Tucumán
Talleres vs Defensa y Justicia
Argentinos vs Rosario Central
Estudiantes (LP) vs Racing
Patronato vs Platense

Matchday 19: 14/09/2022
Platense vs Unión
Racing vs Patronato
Rosario Central vs Estudiantes (LP)
Defensa y Justicia vs Argentinos
Atlético Tucumán vs Talleres
Colón vs San Lorenzo
River vs Banfield
Lanús vs Boca
Huracán vs Barracas
Godoy Cruz vs Tigre
Vélez vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Gimnasia (LP) vs Arsenal
Aldosivi vs Newells
Sarmiento vs Independiente

Matchday 20: 18/09/2022
Unión vs Independiente
Newells vs Sarmiento
Arsenal vs Aldosivi
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs Gimnasia (LP)
Tigre vs Vélez
Barracas vs Godoy Cruz
Boca vs Huracán
Banfield vs Lanús
San Lorenzo vs River
Talleres vs Colón
Argentinos vs Atlético Tucumán
Estudiantes (LP) vs Defensa y Justicia
Patronato vs Rosario Central
Platense vs Racing

Matchday 21: 25/09/2022
Racing vs Unión
Rosario Central vs Platense
Defensa y Justicia vs Patronato
Atlético Tucumán vs Estudiantes (LP)
Colón vs Argentinos
River vs Talleres
Lanús vs San Lorenzo
Huracán vs Banfield
Godoy Cruz vs Boca
Vélez vs Barracas
Gimnasia (LP) vs Tigre
Aldosivi vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Sarmiento vs Arsenal
Independiente vs Newells

Matchday 22: 02/10/2022
Unión vs Newells
Arsenal vs Independiente
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs Sarmiento
Tigre vs Aldosivi
Barracas Central vs Gimnasia (LP)
Boca vs Vélez
Banfield vs Godoy Cruz
San Lorenzo vs Huracán
Talleres vs Lanús
Argentinos vs River
Estudiantes (LP) vs Cólon
Patronato vs Atlético Tucumán
Platense vs Defensa y Justicia
Racing vs Rosario Central

Matchday 23: 05/10/2022
Rosario Central vs Unión
Defensa y Justicia vs Racing
Atlético Tucumán vs Platense
Cólon vs Patronato
River vs Estudiantes (LP)
Lanús vs Argentinos
Huracán vs Talleres
Godoy Cruz vs San Lorenzo
Vélez vs Banfield
Gimnasia (LP) vs Boca
Aldosivi vs Barracas
Sarmiento vs Tigre
Independiente vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Newells vs Arsenal

Matchday 24: 09/10/2022
Unión vs Arsenal
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs Newells
Tigre vs Independiente
Barracas vs Sarmiento
Boca vs Aldosivi
Banfield vs Gimnasia (LP)
San Lorenzo vs Vélez
Talleres vs Godoy Cruz
Argentinos vs Huracán
Estudiantes (LP) vs Lanús
Patronato vs River
Platense vs Colón
Racing vs Atlético Tucumán
Rosario Central vs Defensa y Justicia

Matchday 25: 12/10/2022
Defensa y Justicia vs Unión
Atlético Tucumán vs Rosario Central
Colón vs Racing
River vs Platense
Lanús vs Patronato
Huracán vs Estudiantes (LP)
Godoy Cruz vs Argentinos
Vélez vs Talleres
Gimnasia (LP) vs San Lorenzo
Aldosivi vs Banfield
Sarmiento vs Boca
Independiente vs Barracas
Newells vs Tigre
Arsenal vs Central Córdoba (SDE)

Matchday 26: 16/10/2022
Atlético Tucumán vs Unión
Colón vs Defensa y Justicia
River vs Rosario Central
Lanús vs Racing
Huracán vs Platense
Godoy Cruz vs Patronato
Vélez vs Estudiantes (LP)
Gimnasia (LP) vs Argentinos
Aldosivi vs Talleres
Sarmiento vs San Lorenzo
Independiente vs Banfield
Newells vs Boca
Arsenal vs Barracas
Central Córdoba (SDE) vs Tigre

Matchday 27: 23/10/2022
Unión vs Central Córdoba (SDE)
Tigre vs Arsenal
Barracas vs Newells
Boca vs Independiente
Banfield vs Sarmiento
San Lorenzo vs Aldosivi
Talleres vs Gimnasia (LP) 
Argentinos vs Vélez
Estudiantes (LP) vs Godoy Cruz
Patronato vs Huracán
Platense vs Lanús
Racing vs River
Rosario Central vs Cólon
Defensa y Justicia vs Atlético Túcuman