Barcelona is beginning a new era. The club has left behind, apparently, the financial crisis they had in the last couple of years by selling some assets to win more money. But now the Culers will face another challenge: a fight against Atletico Madrid. The Colchoneros have a clause on one of its players that could make them pay €40 million to the Blaugranas, but a 'punish' to the superstar could save them from this fee.

The summer of 2022 has been marvelous for Barcelona. Joan Laporta, the team's president, turned a financial crisis into one of the best economic moments of the club recently. The institution is still looking for more money, but it could face a big problem that could go out of their hands.

Atletico Madrid and Barcelonahave made some business in recent years, but they are still rivals in LaLiga. For this last reason, the Colchoneros board could make a controversial move with one of its players, even though he is a key piece in Diego Simeone's tactics.

Atletico Madrid could 'punish' Antoine Griezmann to avoid paying a €40M fee to Barcelona

Atletico Madrid is under the spotlight right now. The team acquired Antoine Griezmann back from Barcelona in order to get a better attack. Although the French striker is one of the best nowadays in the Colchoneros squad, he could be 'punished' by his own club.

When Barcelona gave Antoine Griezmann to Atletico Madrid, they agreed to put a clause in his contract. If the French forward plays at least 45 minutes in over 50% of the games of the year, the Colchoneros must pay €40 million to the Blaugranas.

It would be a controversial decision to sit Antoine Griezmann or use him less this season, but €40 million is a huge amount of money that the board could use in other players afterwards. As today, the striker has completed 33 of 40 games with this specifications (82.5% total). Will he see his minutes reduced or Atletico Madrid will use hime as usual?