Cristiano Ronaldo is no stranger to style, in fact, there isn’t a more perfectly put together soccer player in the world. Ronaldo looks like he was molded to perfection. Since testing positive for COVID-19 last week, Cristiano Ronaldo has continued his training regimen and prepares to return to the pitch once his confinement is finished.

Unfortunately, he suffered a setback as he tested positive again for Coronavirus and will now miss Juventus critical Champions League match against old foe Barcelona. Still, Juventus will argue that Ronaldo’s test shows the viral load is small and that the virus is no longer contagious. He will need to retake a test 48 hours before game time to see if he can play, although it looks unlikely.

None the less he isn’t letting COVID-19 put a damper on his style, as recently he shaved his head and posted a picture of his new look on social media. As per usual, with whatever Cristiano Ronaldo does social media went wild!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new look

Ronaldo was having a great start to his season as he had already scored three goals in two matches for Juventus in Serie A before coming down with the virus while on international duty with the Portugues national team.

Ronaldo isn’t the only player from Juventus to contract COVID-19, Weston McKinnie also tested positive on October 14th, he also is in quarantine and expected to miss matches with the club while he recovers. 

Social media reacts to Cristiano Ronaldo's new look