The verdict is in for Cristiano Ronaldo, who is in the middle of his exit from Manchester United. In April of last season CR7 was all over the tabloid news when after a Premier League match against Everton the Portuguese star was filmed smacking a cellphone from the hands of an Everton fan.

That fan was Jacob Harding, who is autistic, and according to reports was just trying to get a photo of some of his favorite players. Ronaldo, angry over the Red Devils 1-0 loss to Everton, was not having it, later Ronaldo tried to make amends for the incident and apologized for his actions.

Earlier this month the former Real Madrid star was interviewed by police for the incident with the final verdict coming out today.

Cristiano Ronaldo cautioned by England police

In a statement issued by Merseyside Police, “We can confirm that a 37-year-old man voluntarily attended and was interviewed under caution in relation to an allegation of assault and criminal damage.

"The allegation relates to an incident following the Everton v Manchester United football match at Goodison Park on Saturday 9 April.

“The matter has been dealt with by way of conditional caution. The matter has now concluded.”


Ronaldo will compensate Harding for the destruction of his phone and no matter was ever taken internally by Manchester United. Ronaldo, who is a very charitable person, did issue a statement after the incident apologizing for his behavior and tried to offer the family an opportunity to go to Old Trafford to see Manchester United play.