It goes without saying that Diego Maradona will go down as one of the greatest players in soccer history. Controversies and questionable decisions aside, there haven't been many human beings as skilled and crafty as he was in his art.

It was pretty clear that the Argentine superstar was a different kind of talent from the very second he set foot on a soccer pitch. However, he took it up a notch during warmups when he was a rising star at Napoli.

The lefty impressed the world when Napoli was set to face Bayern Munchen at Germany for the UEFA Cup. Given their history and the fact that they were set to meet one of the biggest clubs in Europe, it was normal to think that most of their players would be worried.

Maradona Dances To Opus' Live Is Life

Well, that wasn't the case with Maradona. El Diego took the pitch for warmups and showcased his dancing skills in front of thousands of people, while Opus' one-hit-wonder Live is Life was storming through the walls.

Maradona capped off his dancing performance and put his soccer skills at full display, taping the ball to his left foot until the very last chord of the song, leaving people in awe. To put the cherry on top of the sundae, Napoli beat Bayern 2-0 and went on to defeat Stuttgart to win their first and only UEFA Cup trophy.