Emotions in a Premier League game are so high that they can not only get the best of the players on the pitch, but also those in the dugout. Though managers are supposed to set an example by keeping their cool even in the most difficult situations, they can also lose it.

If not, just look at Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte, who took much of the attention during Sunday's clash between Chelsea and Tottenham. The head coaches were unable to control themselves and ended up seeing the red card for their behavior during the 2-2 draw.

Tuchel and Conte had to be separated more than once for their altercations, even when they attempted to shake hands after the final whistle. On Monday, the English Football Association issued its decision on this matter.

FA charge Tuchel, Conte for improper behavior during Chelsea-Tottenham

Tuchel and Conte have both been charged with improper conduct by the FA after being sent off after the end of the Chelsea-Tottenham fixture. They will have, however, until Thursday to respond to the charges.

"Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte have both been charged with a breach of FA Rule E3, following the Premier League fixture between Chelsea and Tottenham on Sunday, August 14, 2022. It is alleged that the behaviour of both managers was improper following the end of the fixture. Both managers have until Thursday, 18 August, 2022 to provide their respective responses," the FA said in a statement.

While the length of the suspension remains to be seen, both managers are expected to miss games as referee Anthony Taylor showed them the red card for their full-time altercation. They had already been separated before then in what has been a heated evening at Stamford Bridge.

The officials' decisions didn't help at all to calm things down. In fact, it's safe to say they only fueled the confrontations on the touchline. That said, both Tuchel and Conte have enough experience to handle this differently. At the end of the day, they should be the first to show their players what sportsmanship is all about.