The blue card was met with major backlash after it was announced that soccer would be looking to implement a new card, blue, whose primary objective is to reduce needless fouls and on-field antics of players.

The original idea behind the blue card was to issue one in the case of dissent or a cynical foul. Said player would be removed from the field for 10-minutes and would have to “wait” in a sin-bin area kind of like the NHL.

UEFA president Aleksandr Ceferin told the Telegraph “IFAB has four European members. I don’t think they will do something against the interests of football. And, if they do, then we will deal with it later.”

Adjustments to the blue card

Now some members of IFAB are proposing trials of sin-bins for dissent only, instead of cynical fouls too. Other areas within football are pushing to scale back the trial of the new card amid little fanfare.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou stated that a blue card would be a major burden on soccer games, “You’ll have one team sitting there trying to waste time for 10 minutes waiting for someone to come back on. Every other game is trying to speed up and declutter, all we are trying to do is go the other way for some bizarre reason.”