After La Liga and the Premier League started this week, it’s turn for the Italian Serie A to begin next weekend, on Saturday August 21. Here, you will find out the full schedule of 2021-22 Serie A round by round, with the new teams of this season. 

Inter Milan are the defending champions, and they will try to win their 21th title in the Italian domestic league. However, they will try to do it with a new manager, Simone Inzaghi, after Antonio Conte left the team at the end of last season. 

On the other hand, Milan and Atalanta, second and third respectively, will want to end atop this time. Juventus, who almost ended up out of Champions League positions last season, will want to return to winning ways. Here, check out all the fixtures. 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 1 (August 21-23) 

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Inter Milan vs Genoa 
Verona vs Sassuolo 
Empoli vs Lazio 
Torino vs Atalanta 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Bologna vs Salernitana 
Udinese vs Juventus 
Napoli vs Venezia 
Roma vs Fiorentina 

Monday, August 23, 2021 

Cagliari vs Spezia 
Sampdoria vs Milan 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 2 (August 27-29) 

Friday, August 27, 2021 

Udinese vs Venezia 
Verona vs Inter Milan 

Saturday, August 28, 2021 

Atalanta vs Bologna 
Lazio vs Spezia 
Fiorentina vs Torino 
Juventus vs Empoli 

Sunday, August 19, 2021 

Genoa vs Napoli 
Sassuolo vs Sampdoria 
Milan vs Cagliari 
Salernitana vs Roma 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 3 (September 12) 

Atalanta vs Fiorentina 
Bologna vs Verona 
Cagliari vs Genoa 
Empoli vs Venezia
Milan vs Lazio 
Napoli vs Juventus 
Roma vs Sassuolo 
Sampdoria vs Inter Milan 
Spezia vs Udinese 
Torino vs Salernitana 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 4 (September 19) 

Empoli vs Sampdoria 
Genoa vs Fiorentina 
Inter Milan vs Bologna 
Juventus vs Milan 
Lazio vs Cagliari 
Salernitana vs Atalanta 
Sassuolo vs Torino 
Udinese vs Napoli
Venezia vs Spezia 
Verona vs Roma 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 5  (September 22) 

Atalanta vs Sassuolo
Bologna vs Genoa 
Cagliari vs Empoli 
Fiorentina vs Inter Milan 
Milan vs Venezia 
Roma vs Udinese 
Salernitana vs Verona 
Sampdoria vs Napoli 
Spezia vs Juventus 
Torino vs Lazio 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 6  (September 26) 

Empoli vs Bologna 
Genoa vs Verona 
Inter Milan vs Atalanta 
Juventus vs Sampdoria 
Lazio vs Roma 
Napoli vs Cagliari 
Sassuolo vs Salernitana 
Spezia vs Milan 
Udinese vs Fiorentina 
Venezia vs Torino 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 7 (October 10) 

Atalanta vs Milan 
Bologna vs Lazio 
Cagliari vs Venezia 
Fiorentina vs Napoli 
Roma vs Empoli 
Salernitana vs Genoa 
Sampdoria vs Udinese 
Sassuolo vs Inter Milan 
Torino vs Juventus 
Verona vs Spezia 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 8 (October 17) 

Cagliari vs Sampdoria 
Empoli vs Atalanta 
Genoa vs Sassuolo 
Juventus vs Roma 
Lazio vs Inter Milan 
Milan vs Verona 
Udinese vs Bologna 
Venezia vs Fiorentina 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 9 (October 24) 

Atalanta vs Udinese 
Bologna vs Milan 
Fiorentina vs Cagliari 
Inter Milan vs Juventus 
Roma vs Napoli 
Salernitana vs Empoli 
Sampdoria vs Spezia 
Sassuolo vs Venezia 
Torino vs Genoa 
Verona vs Lazio 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 10 (October 27) 

Cagliari vs Roma 
Empoli vs Inter Milan 
Juventus vs Sassuolo 
Lazio vs Fiorentina 
Milan vs Torino 
Napoli vs Bologna 
Sampdoria vs Atalanta 
Spezia vs Genoa 
Udinese vs Verona 
Venezia vs Salernitana 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 11 (October 31) 

Atalanta vs Lazio 
Bologna vs Cagliari 
Fiorentina vs Spez
Inter Milan vs Udinese
Roma vs Milan 
Salernitana vs Napoli 
Sassuolo vs Empoli 
Torino vs Sampdoria 
Verona vs Juventus 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 12 (November 07) 

Cagliari vs Atalanta 
Empoli vs Genoa 
Juventus vs Fiorentina 
Lazio vs Salernitana 
Milan vs Inter Milan 
Napoli vs Verona 
Sampdoria vs Bologna 
Spezia vs Torino 
Udinese vs Sassuolo 
Venezia vs Roma 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 13 (November 21) 

Atalanta vs Spezia 
Bologna vs Venezia 
Fiorentina vs Milan 
Genoa vs Roma 
Inter Milan vs Napoli 
Lazio vs Juventus 
Salernitana vs Sampdoria 
Sassuolo vs Cagliari 
Torino vs Udinese 
Verona vs Empoli 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 14 (November 28)

Cagliari vs Salernitana 
Empoli vs Fiorentina 
Juventus vs Atalanta 
Milan vs Sassuolo 
Napoli vs Lazio 
Roma vs Torino 
Sampdoria vs Verona 
Spezia vs Bologna
Udinese vs Genoa 
Venezia vs Inter Milan 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 15 (December 01)

Atalanta vs Venezia 
Bologna vs Roma 
Fiorentina vs Sampdoria 
Genoa vs Milan 
Inter Milan vs Spezia 
Lazio vs Udinese 
Salernitana vs Juventus 
Sassuolo vs Napoli 
Torino vs Empoli 
Verona vs Cagliari 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 16 (December 05)

Bologna vs Fiorentina 
Cagliari vs Torino 
Empoli vs Udinese 
Juventus vs Genoa 
Milan vs Salernitana 
Napoli vs Atalanta 
Roma vs Inter Milan 
Sampdoria vs Lazio 
Spezia vs Sassuolo 
Venezia vs Verona 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 17 (December 12)

Fiorentina vs Salernitana 
Genoa vs Sampdoria 
Inter Milan vs Cagliari 
Napoli vs Empoli 
Roma vs Spezia 
Sassuolo vs Lazio 
Torino vs Bologna 
Udinese vs Milan 
Venezia vs Juventus 
Verona vs Atalanta 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 18 (December 19)

Atalanta vs Roma 
Bologna vs Juventus 
Cagliari vs Udinese 
Fiorentina vs Sassuolo 
Lazio vs Genoa 
Milan vs Napoli 
Salernitana vs Inter Milan 
Sampdoria vs Venezia 
Spezia vs Empoli 
Torino vs Verona 

2021-2022 Serie A Round 19 (December 22)

Empoli vs Milan 
Genoa vs Atalanta
Inter Milan vs Torino 
Juventus vs Cagliari 
Napoli vs Spezia 
Roma vs Sampdoria 
Sassuolo vs Bologna 
Udinese vs Salernitana 
Venezia vs Lazio 
Verona vs Fiorentina