It was a Inter of Porto Alegre victory over arch-rivals Gremio 3-2 for the Porto Alegre state competition in Brazil. The win left Inter in first place in the 12-team regional competition. Gremio is second, 5 points behind and a kick to their pride.

Off the field a horrible incident took place that has stained this classic matchup. Journalist Gisele Kümpel wrote on her social media that she had pressed charges to local police that the person playing the Inter of Porte Alegre mascot Saci, made strange “gestures” towards her.

Kümpel, also alleges that the mascot “hugged” her when Inter’s Alan Patrick scored the team’s third goal and would not let go. Saci, according to Kümpel, also made gestures that he was “kissing” the journalist during the goal celebration.

How is the case proceeding?

Inter will collaborate with authorities and provide video of the incident recorded by the stadium cameras. Inter will also provide information on the person who wears the costume during matches.

Inter also stated that the employee will be supervised to ensure he acts accordingly with fans and members of the press.

“I could hear the click of the kiss and feel her sweat,” confessed the victim herself, who assured that she will go “to the end in this matter so that no woman goes through this.”