There is no hiding the fact that Barcelona have been keen on re-signing Lionel Messi. After the Catalan giants were unable to afford to extend the forward's contract, he decided to take his talents elsewhere and signed with Paris Saint-Germain last summer. Even after his unexpected departure from Camp Nou a year ago, Messi has remained a popular subject of conversation in Catalonia.

Many people now anticipate that he will return to Catalonia once his contract with Paris Saint-Germain has expired. The existing agreement that the 35-year-old superstar has in place with the French champions will terminate at the conclusion of the current campaign. In addition, there is no shadow of a doubt that Xavi Hernandez would be excited about seeing him return to the Blaugrana.

"[Messi's return] would be possible financially because if he returned, it would be as a free agent. But it's a decision that has to be made by the coaching staff and the player. It doesn't correspond to me [to make those decisions], but it would be viable," Eduard Romeu, who is the vice president of the club and a member of the board of directors of Barcelona told Catalunya Radio.

Lionel Messi to come back to Barcelona under one condition

Catalan journalist Marc Marba of La Porteria speculates that Lionel Messi will not take up the option to stay at Parc des Princes  for another season since he does not want to extend his current deal with PSG. It is believed that the Argentine veteran has no intention of remaining in France beyond the year 2023, despite the fact that he has returned to form. On the other hand, the journalist implies that Leo will not go back to Camp Nou as long as Gerard Pique remains a member of the squad. 

During the latter stages of Messi's time at Barcelona, their relationship went through a significant downward spiral. Interestingly, the duo are reportedly no longer on speaking terms. According to a number of sources, there was a time when the two were so estranged from one another that they did not even speak to one another.

Therefore, the departure of Pique might prove to be crucial if Xavi's side are going to be successful in bringing back their former captain. There are rumors that the Spanish defender might move to Atletico Madrid next January, but it's possible that the team won't make a decision on his future until after the current campaign is over.

Following Messi's departure from the club a year ago, the club has been making significant efforts to repair the connection with the player. Joan Laporta has shown interest in making a return, but the presence of Pique may prove to be a barrier.