Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the biggest earners in any sport, but how much does Neymar or Erling Haaland make? It is an answer that requires a lot of research as sometimes the information is not public knowledge.

Nonetheless star soccer players are not complaining about the light bill at the end of the month, the top soccer players in the world are all earning well over $5 million a year.

Here is a list of 20 of the biggest names in the sport and their projected salaries for the season. The information has been pulled from various sources. Here are the yearly earnings of 20 of the top soccer players in the world.

* This list includes only salaries of current contracts and not endorsement deals.

Antonio Rudiger - $6.9 Million 

Antonio Rudiger is one of the best defenders in the World, and will soon be a free agent, if his play has indicated anything, is that Rudiger can still land a better deal, he is a rock for Chelsea.

Zlatan Ibrahimović - $8.4 Million

Now at AC Milan, Zlatan Ibrahimović is still going strong, and it has been reported by Sports Illustrated that he makes $8.4 million at the Milan club. Zlatan still scores goals and shows no signs of slowing down.

Erling Haaland - $9 Million

Norwegian goal machine Erling Haaland is reportedly earning $9 million in Germany but that will change drastically when he is sold. Manchester City, Real Madrid will surely make him one of the best paid players in the world if those rumors come true.

Sergio Ramos - $11.3 Million

Former Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos is now at PSG and earns a reported $11.3 million, while it has not been all gravy at PSG, Ramos is still considered a top defender.

Karim Benzema - $12.4 Million

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has delivered goals at Real Madrid, Benzema has scored over 200 goals in his time at the club. At 33 there is still a lot of Karim Benzema to come.

Harry Kane - $13.9 Million

Spurs forward Harry Kane is a Tottenham legend and earns a reported $13.9 million. Kane has been the subject of various transfer rumors, but it looks doubtful he will leave Spurs.

Mohamed Salah - $13.9 Million

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah is considered to be the best soccer player in the world at the moment. Salah is a goal scoring machine and could be seen as widely underpaid for the output he has had for The Reds.

Thomas Müller - $17.4 Million

Thomas Müller recently signed a new deal with Bayern Munich, and it is reported that the standout player earns $335,000 a week.

Manuel Neuer - $20 Million

To many the best goalkeeper of his generation, Bayern Munich star Manuel Neuer is earning a reported 20 million dollars per season. Neuer is still in top form and now in his 11th season at Bayern. 

Paul Pogba - $20.2 Million

Paul Pogba is one of the Premier League’s highest earners and is reportedly on over a $20 million a year wage. Pogba may have to take a pay cut if he leaves Manchester United, but the French World champion has earned his keep.

Gerard Piqué - $21 Million

As shocking as it may seem, Gerard Piqué took a 50 percent pay cut to help club Barcelona fine tune its finances. That pay cut now reportedly is 21 million dollars in salary per year.

Robert Lewandowski - $22.6 Million

According to BILD, Robert Lewandowski is earning the maximum salary of $22.6 million at Bayern Munich. Lewandowski has had an excellent past two seasons and at 33 the Polish star is still going for more.

Philippe Coutinho - $22.6 Million

Philippe Coutinho is Barcelona’s highest paid player, according to AS the midfielder is at $22.6 million a year. Coutinho is extremely talented and just has not been able to showcase his skill at Barcelona.

Romelu Lukaku - $22.9 Million

Chelsea’s star forward Romelu Lukaku has returned to the Premier League and at Chelsea for a cool $22.9 million. Lukaku has yet to take off, but there is no question he is a good forward.

Kylian Mbappé - $24.9 Million

Kylian Mbappé earns just under $25 million at PSG but once his deal ends in France he will get a huge pay hike if he signs with Real Madrid. Kylian Mbappé is a talented soccer player and to many the next face of the sport in the post Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo world.

Eden Hazard - $26 Million

Real Madrid’s often injured star Eden Hazard earns over $25 million at the club. The return has been less than what has been expected. To Hazard’s credit he is trying to make it work at Madrid vetoing various transfer rumors.

Kevin De Bruyne - $27.8 Million

Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in the world with his leadership and vision. At under $28 million, De Bruyne is City’s highest paid player and well worth it. The game goes through De Bruyne.

Cristiano Ronaldo - $35.5 Million

The great Portuguese star is back at the club that elevated him to global fame, Manchester United. Now at the tail end of his career, CR7 is raking in a cool $35.5 million this season and oh by the way, still scoring goals.

Lionel Messi - $41 Million

The Argentine GOAT will earn a whopping $41 million from PSG for the 2021/22 season. Messi is well deserving of his salary given that he is the face of Soccer. There was a before and after in soccer until Messi arrived.

Neymar - $41.6 Million

Brazilian superstar Neymar earns $41.6 million in salary at PSG, now in his fifth season at PSG, Neymar has been highlight reel material but has yet to win the big prize in Paris… the Champions League.