Lionel Messi's days at Barcelona were almost over at the end of last season after another heartbreaking Champions League elimination. The Argentine made it clear that he wanted to move, but he couldn't finish the contract a year earlier. He stayed, but now that his deal with the Catalans is a few months away from getting expired, there is a lot of speculation regarding his future.

The six-time Ballon d'Or winner seems to be sick and tired of carrying Barca all by himself, and he even insisted to leave in August 2020. If he doesn't put pen to paper to a new agreement with the Spanish side, Messi will be able to decide as a free agent where to play from next season onwards.

It may be hard to imagine Leo wearing other colors than blue and red, but that almost happened at the end of the 2019-2020 season. After legal issues prevented that from happening, Messi's move may finally happen this year. Of course, there are numerous rumors about where he will play, and the MLS is among those candidates

Is the MLS a possible destination for Messi?

Arguably the best soccer player in the world, Lionel Messi would be a dream signing for any team in the world. In Barcelona, everyone is trying to figure out how to convince him to stay, for instance. But as his spell with the Blaugrana may be ending soon, powerful European sides like Manchester City and PSG are eager to sign him. Those two presumably have the necessary money to afford him as well.

But there's another possibility for the Argentine star's future outside Europe, which is the US. Lionel Messi has been linked with a move to Inter Miami, where founder and co-owner David Beckham has already brought big names such as Blaise Matuidi and Gonzalo Higuaín, a former teammate with Messi in Argentina's National Team. 

Beckham believes Miami is an attractive place for any player

Beckham is confident that Miami can continue attracting top players (Getty).

This idea may sound a bit crazy for some fans, but Beckham thinks it wouldn't be strange at all: "I actually don't think it's a tough one for players to decide, to be honest, because it's a great place,"  he stated when questioned on ESPN about how to bring world-class players. "Miami is a city that causes attraction to the players who have played in Europe and who are big stars," he added. The former England international player has a point, though, as he proved it by bringing many top players.

Gonzalo 'Pipita' Higuaín was probably Inter's greatest signing so far, and the striker has also pointed out that it wouldn't be harebrained that Messi lands at Miami: "I see no reason why Lionel couldn't come here. If it would make him happy, we would welcome him with open arms," he said in an interview with ESPN. Higuaín and Messi played together for many years representing Argentina and built a good relationship.

Messi and Higuaín shared a lot of moments playing together for Argentina (Getty).

Messi's desire to experience life in the US

The rumors that linked Messi with the MLS intensified even more after the soccer figure expressed he wanted to try living in the United States. "I have always desired to live and enjoy the experience in the United States, to experience that league and life there. I would like it, but I don't know if it's going to happen or not," he expressed to Spanish TV Channel La Sexta. 

Messi's contract with Barcelona finishes at the end of the season (Getty).

It is well known that Beckham would be glad to bring in Messi to Miami, and not only Inter fans but the entire MLS would be extremely excited to receive such a superstar to the competition. However, it isn't known where will Messi continue his career yet, but many important teams are already keen to sign him.