Lionel Messi is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest players of all time. Now, with the rumors about the possibility of him leaving Europe to land in the US with Inter Miami, one NBA player has promised to go to all his games even though he lives on the other side of the country.

In recent days, the rumors said that Lionel Messi won't stay with PSG next year. He is reportedly not very happy in the team and he would be thinking in the end of his career, which he wants it to be easier and calmer.

According to those same rumors, Messi has been tempted by Inter Miami to join them after the FIFA World Cup. Of course the news made everyone crazy, including an NBA player that is willing to fly across the US daily to watch the Argentinian play.

Portland Trail Blazers player promises to buy Inter Miami season tickets just to see Lionel Messi

Whenever a superstar lands in the United States to play in Major League Soccer, everyone wants to see at least one game of that team. Well, with Lionel Messi's rumors to Inter Miami, every home and away game would be sold-out with no doubt.

Just a few days after the news came up, people starting to get hyped about this move and Josh Hart is one of those. The Portland Trail Blazers player made a bold promise through his Twitter account even though it would be very difficult for him to fulfil it.

"Ain't no way Messi is going to Inter Miami next year...if he does I'm getting season tickets for the summer," tweeted the NBA player. Portland is 3,200 miles away from Miami, but it seems like he doesn't care about it and his admiration for Messi is even bigger than any distance.

Of course this move is not 100% sure. Messi could be returning to Barcelona after his time at PSG, but it has been said that even David Beckham, Inter Miami's president, has reached the Argentinian to show him the team's interest to sign him.