The highest flight of English soccer is known as the Premier League. The Premier League season, which runs from August to May, features 20 clubs competing for bragging rights and millions in prize money. There are 38 games in a season (playing all 19 other teams home and away).

In addition, there are a few Welsh clubs in the English football league for historical reasons. 22 First Division teams elected to leave the Football League (now the EFL) in 1992, and so the tournament was born under its current name.

Since then, the Premier League has become the most-watched sports league in the world. An impressive number of five different English teams have won 14 UEFA Champions League/European Cup championships, which places the Premier League in second place of Europe's top five leagues by success.

Premier League Champions: Winners list by year

There have been 48 English and 2 Welsh teams (50 in total) in the Premier League since its start in 1992. Seven of those 50 clubs have in fact managed to lift the EPL title at the end of the season: Manchester United (13), Manchester City (6), Chelsea (5), Arsenal (3), Blackburn Rovers (1), Leicester (1) and Liverpool (1).

Year Winner
1992 Leeds
1993 Manchester United
1994 Manchester United
1995 Blackburn Rovers
1996 Manchester United
1997 Manchester United
1998 Arsenal
1999 Manchester United
2000 Manchester United
2001 Manchester United
2002 Arsenal
2003 Manchester United
2004 Arsenal
2005 Chelsea
2006 Chelsea
2007 Manchester United
2008 Manchester United
2009 Manchester United
2010 Chelsea
2011 Manchester United
2012 Manchester City
2013 Manchester United
2014 Manchester City
2015 Chelsea
2016 Leicester
2017 Chelsea
2018 Manchester City
2019 Manchester City
2020 Liverpool
2021 Manchester City
2022 Manchester City