The clock is ticking. FIFA has started the official Qatar 2022 World Cup ticket sales phase 1 on January 19, 2022. Since then, millions of applications have been submitted. There is no doubt, every four years, the most coveted treasure is an entrance for a World Cup match

Even though there is no clarity yet on which are the 32 National Teams that are going to compete for the glory in Qatar 2022, many fans around the world have already raised their hands to be considered worthy by luck goddess to enjoy live from the Middle East next FIFA's World Cup. 

The deadline to submit ticket applications for Qatar 2022 is February 8. This means just 20 days of official selling. Enough for surpassing the availability of entrances for every single one of the 64 matches that will define who the next FIFA World Cup Champion will be. 

Guide step-by-step to get World Cup tickets

All you need to stand in line for a FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is a computer and Internet service, for the time being. Then it is relatively easy to submit the application for the tickets, just a little patience, and this step-by-step guide and then everything is in the goddess fortune hands.

It is worth mentioning that FIFA promised to distribute the tickets by a fair selection process: "It will make no difference whether applications are submitted on the first day, the last day or any time in between, as all tickets will be allocated following the closing of the ticket application period ... In cases where the number of tickets applied for exceeds the available ticket inventory for the domestic or international market, tickets will be allocated by a random selection draw process."

First step: go to the official website

There is only one authorized website to apply for Qatar 2022 tickets, no matter your nationality or current residence, and it is this. Once having accessed the website, the very first option available is to "apply for tickets", clicking on it will take you to the next step. 

Second step: international or local requests

FIFA's very first filter. Local (Qatar) residents and international visitors are separated from here. However, the process is exactly the same on either interface. Having chosen your origin you need to create a FIFA account or log in, in case you have already created one before.

To create an account is really easy: the only requirement is an active email account. It is important to have immediate access to it, because, after creating a password, filling in your first and last name, place of residence, language, and birthday, a verification code will be sent to the registered account. This numeric combination must be provided to complete the account creation process.

Third step: the ticket application

The maximum number of tickets requested per match, per person, is 6; per the whole Qatar 2022 event is 60. There are 4 classes of tickets: Category 1, 2, and 3, and Accessibility ones. Except for the latter one, offered for disabled or limited mobility people, the main difference between the rest is the price. The cost of each also rises depending on the game the ticket is for. 

-Category 1 tickets: group stage, $220 / round of 16, $275 / quarter-finals, $425 / semifinals, $955 / third-place: $425 / final $1606.

-Category 2 tickets: group stage, $165 / round of 16, $205 / quarter-finals, $288 / semifinals, $660 / third-place: $302 /final $1002.

-Category 3 tickets: group stage, $69 / round of 16, $96 / quarter-finals, $205 / semifinals, $357 / third-place: $205 / final $605.

-Accesibility tickets:  group stage, $11 / round of 16, $20 / quarter-finals, $83 / semifinals, $138 / third-place: $83 / final $206. *An eligibility proof must be uploaded.

Already having this information is time to proceed to edit the ticket application

Fourth step: editing the ticket application

The part of the process that demands the most accuracy. You are going to choose what kind of tickets do you want, how many and for which games. Initially, there are different ticket packages available (step 4.1). Individual match tickets, Four-stadium ticket series, and Team specific ticket series.

-The individual ones are the common single tickets: one entrance to one match per purchase; up to 6 tickets per person; up to 60 entrances across the whole Qatar 2022 World Cup.

-The Four-stadium tickets let you choose entrances to 4 different matches in 4 different venues. The selection is already made, so it is not allowed to modify the games included in the 14 distinct packages available.

-Category 1 tickets: depending on the fixture of the matches included cost from $878 to $1277.

-Category 2 tickets: depending on the fixture of the matches included cost from $600 to $934.

-Category 3 tickets: depending on the fixture of the matches included cost from $275 to $508.

-Accessibility tickets:  depending on the fixture of the matches included cost from $44 to $88.*An eligibility proof must be uploaded.

-Team-specific ticket series are the best option to follow your favorite National team. You can choose between a group stage package, a group stage + round of 16 package, and a full road to the final package. The latter two include 4 and 7 tickets, regardless the squad followed advances to all the rounds or not.

-Category 1 tickets: group stage, $725 / group stage + round of 16, $1027 / road to the final, $4314

-Category 2 tickets: group stage, $544 / group stage + round of 16, $770 / road to the final, $2915

-Category 3 tickets: group stage, $226 / group stage + round of 16, $332 / road to the final, $1616

-Accessibility tickets:  group stage, $37 / group stage + round of 16, $58 / road to the final, $526. *An eligibility proof must be uploaded.

Have you chosen yet? Great! Then just select the kind of tickets you want: individual, Four-stadium, or Team-specific series. It is important to be aware of something; in FIFA's words: "All ticket holders must have a ticket to attend the match regardless of their age (including children and babies)".

Step 4.2 is to edit the ticket holder's details such as title, first and last name, date of birth, nationality, passport number (or QID number for local shoppers), country, address, postcode, city, mobile phone number, and the National Team supported.

Finally, step 4.3 is to complete or confirm your ticket application. Right on this one, you have the option to increase the chances of getting tickets by accepting, or refusing a ticket category upgrading or downgrading in case of unavailability of your selection.

Fifth step: submit the ticket application... and pray

An obvious and easy step but always necessary: you have to accept and agree the online ticket terms of sales by ticking the box, before finally applying. You will receive a confirmation email with a group ID if the process has been successfully concluded.

Since March 8 you can check the status of your ticket application for Qatar 2022 matches. Both, in case you have been allocated with entries or not, FIFA should have sent you an email with the resolution. If you have not received this message, you can find out what happen by yourself. 

Just enter to this website and log in with the email and password you have used to register yourself to start the process of applying for tickets for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Then locate the Check the status of your ticket application option, going downwards in the site, and click on it to find out if you have had success on this adventure. 

Good luck!