Erling Haaland may not be going to Qatar 2022, and while that may disappoint soccer fans the world over, Haaland on a personal level is set to make a major move in the near future. Haaland came on to the scene in 2019 amazing European soccer with his skill set at Austrian side Red Bull Salzburg and is now at Borussia Dortmund, although not for long.

Reports of all kinds have surfaced as to where Haaland will play next. What is certain is the Norwegian international has a £63 million release clause that becomes active next summer. That clause has set off a lot of alarms that this could be Haaland’s last season in Germany.

Haaland, according to, has made up his mind as to where he would like to go, but he is also not shutting the door on another league which he likes very much. Here are the destinations that are rumored to be the next place Erling Haaland will play. 

Where does Erling Haaland prefer to play?

From the report of it is stated that Erling Haaland prefers to go to Real Madrid, who has been chasing the forward for two seasons now. Haaland has reportedly stated to his personal team that Real Madrid is where he’d like to go.

It is also reported in the same article that while Haaland likes Real Madrid he has not closed the door on playing in the Premier League, a country he grew up in and a league his father played in. It is not surprising that Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool are interested in signing the goal scorer. Another destination is PSG, but that seems to be farther down his preferred pecking order.

While Erling Haaland has a release clause in his current deal, Haaland’s Dortmund contract runs through 2024.