Mauricio Pochettino had success in the Premier League, he took an often down on their luck Tottenham side to the Champions League final. Mauricio Pochettino elevated Tottenham to heights they had not achieved in years having a 55% winning percentage from 2014-2019.

At PSG it has been a different story, why, that is hard to pinpoint, Pochettino is top of the table in France, but on a team that has Messi, Neymar, and Mbappé the prize is the Champions League, and for that PSG must get through Real Madrid in the round of 16.

Pochettino has been the center of various rumors regarding his future and not so great relationship with star Lionel Messi. Now a report out of France suggests that Pochettino may be secretly planning to move to Manchester United next season.

Pochettino secretly chatting with Manchester United according to reports

The Daily Mail has reported that Pochettino is the leading candidate to take over Manchester United after interim boss Ralf Rangnick leaves his position at the end of the season. The Daily Mail reports that Pochettino has been wanted by the Red Devils since November when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was fired, and the parties have remained in contact since then.

Pochettino is reported by Sportsmail to be keen to take over Manchester United and is not so happy with his life in France and could fancy a return to England. Even if PSG were to win the Champions League, Pochettino would most likely leave PSG at the end of season.