All eyes have been on Sergio Busquets, and not for anything good, the 35-year-old former Barcelona legend has been visibly poor in his stint at Inter Miami. Sergio Busquets has been caught many times being displaced from the ball, not being fast enough, and in reality, not generating enough for his new team.

Of all the big stars that arrived last season it has been Busquets that seems to have not been able to acclimate the most. After a preseason tour that took the team all over the world and resulted in the 2010 FIFA World Cup winner getting injured, Sergio Busquets told reporters he is still coming back to full fitness.

Inter Miami have a major clash against state rivals Orlando City on Saturday, Tata Martino’s side has 4 points from two MLS matches in 2024.

Sergio Busquets on his injury

In a post training session conference with the media, Sergio Busquets admitted he is suffering from an ankle injury suffered in preseason. The Spanish international also stated he expects to be back to full fitness in 7 to 10 days.

In answering a question by Franco Panizo, Busquets stated, “I feel fine a bit better; it was difficult for me after Japan and the injury to find a feeling on the field, am not 100% am playing through pain.”

“Am not 100% right now, the injury still bothers me a bit, am playing bandaged, but nothing we didn’t know because of the injury, we assumed the risks (of returning early), and am moving.”

Busquets has not fully been able to take command of the Inter Miami midfield, but help is on the way with the signing of Argentine central midfielder Federico Redondo who could either step in for Busquets or play alongside the Barcelona legend.