The Premier League is 13 weeks in and already it is telling a gripping story, Arsenal is in first in search of their first title since the 2003/2004 season. Manchester City, Liverpool, Aston Villa, and Tottenham are all between 1 – 4 points behind the Gunners making for an enticing start to the campaign.

At the bottom of the table, Everton are once again in dangerous waters, after being deducted points, they will need to finish the year strong and hope that in 2024 they can get out of the drop zone.

As is customary Bettingexpert’s supercomputer BETSiE put out its latest forecast for the Premier League season and things are not looking great for Manchester United.

BETSiE’s Premier League predictions

According to BETSiE, Arsenal will have to continue to wait to win the Premier League as Manchester City is slated to be this season’s champion, the Gunners will be second, while Liverpool and Newcastle round out the top 4.

Chelsea will end up 7th, while Manchester United will finish 8th overall, surprises include Aston Villa slated to finish in the top 5 at fifth.

Luton Town, Burnley, and Sheffield United will be the three teams relegated at season’s end, with Everton squeaking by just one place above the drop.