Barcelona-Real Madrid is one of the biggest rivalries in soccer. But not every player hates their similars from the other club and Ronald Araujo and Federico Valverde are the proof of this. They showed their good friendship in a video as they tried to speak in English, a language they do not know very well.

Ronald Araujo is probably one of the best center-backs in the game right now. The Uruguayan is know for giving his best in every single game. His strength and pace helps him to win most of the duels against forwards. Barcelona's future seems to be safe with him as he is part of the new generation that the Culers are trying to develop nowadays.

As for Federico Valverde, fellow countryman of Araujo, he is also a pretty solid midfielder and he has a bright future in front of him. He has already won the Champions League with Real Madrid and his box-to-box caracteristics make him one of the most interesting players for his position. Despite what some may think, he has a good friendship with Araujo as they leave the Barcelona-Real Madrid rivalry aside when they meet with their national team.

Video: Araujo and Valverde try to speak English as they forget the Barcelona-Real Madrid rivalry

Federico Valverde is probably one of the most hilarious players around the world. His laugh and jokes are part of every single one of his interviews and he knows how to take advantage from it. Now, he records videos for his social media and reveals the intimacy of a player in his common days.

With the Uruguay national team, in which he is part of the starting XI, Valverde showed a clip where he is joined by Ronald Araujo to go to practice. "I'm going for Ronald Araujo; he is my friend, despite he is from Barcelona", says Federico in the video.

When Ronald Araujo gets into the car, the jokes started. They revealed how they talked with people in the United States while they where in the country for their friendly matches with Uruguay, but they do not know the language very well and had lots of problems to communicate with the citizens. The Barcelona defender did not know the translation for "card" and confused it with "target", which is similar to the word in Spanish "tarjeta"