Americans are always watching sports. Year-round, there's always something going on on television, and even if they never actually attended college, they all have one football and basketball program they root for.

That's the case with Ohio native LeBron James, who once even admitted that, should he decide to go to college instead of turning pro straight out of high school, he would have played for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

And, like most Americans, James didn't miss a single second of the Sugar Bowl, when his beloved team (ranked 3rd in the nation) faced off vs. Trevor Lawrence and the 2nd-ranked Clemson Tigers.

LeBron James Throws Shade At Dabo Swinney As Ohio State Beat Clemson

That's why The King didn't hesitate to throw some jabs after the game was over, as the Buckeyes pulled off a massive upset by knocking down and dominating Dabo Swinney's Tigers 49-28:

"I’m looking forward to seeing what Dabo answer is when they ask him if he still think 
@OhioStateFB is the 11th best team in the country,"
LeBron James tweeted after his team's win in the Sugar Bowl.

To put this in context, coach Swinney joked by saying that it wouldn't take long to study Ohio State's quarterback Justin Fields because they only played 6 games, and went on to rank them as low as 11th.

Coach Swinney ranked Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Florida, Georgia, Cincinnati, Oklahoma, Iowa State, and Coastal Carolina ahead of the Buckeyes, who clearly didn't take that lightly.

That surely wasn't the ending Trevor Lawrence hoped for his career with Clemson, as he's poised to become the 1st overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. But what really matters the most right now is what's Swinney going to say after this. Does that make the Tigers the 12th best team in the nation?