The 2021-22 NBA season was bad for the Washington Wizards, the team barely managed to stay in the top ten of the Eastern Conference and they ended their participation in the playoffs run.

For the Nationals, the 2021 MLB season was also a disaster, they finished the season with 65 wins and 97 losses, a record to forget. But the Nationals have a new goal and in the 2022 MLB season they are ready to show their best.

The new uniforms serve to send a clear message to the fans and the general public, the Nationals and Wizards say “we are ready to start from scratch and play better”. The team looks fresher and more renewed, something that helps to forget the bad results of the previous season.

The new Wizards and Nationals uniforms for their 2022 upcoming seasons

The Wizards' uniforms have a stronger pink color with blossom details, in honor of Washington's cherry blossom tree. But the Wizards seem to have been inspired, slightly, by the design of the Miami Heat.

On the other hand, the Nationals retain small details in pink but their uniform is mostly light gray and the Nats will use three main letters, WSH, to identify the team name on their uniforms.