Jenni Hermoso’s greatest achievement as a player will forever be smeared by the antics of Luis Rubiales, who was suspended for three years over forcing a kiss on the player and other antics involving the former Spanish FA president.

Hermoso spoke to GQ magazine where she admitted having gone to counseling after the ordeal which tainted Spain’s Women’s World Cup, Hermoso also admitted that he received threats during her disclosure of Luis Rubiales.

Rubiales is currently facing criminal charges over forcing a kiss on Jenni Hermoso, who opened up for the first time.

Jenni Hermoso on Luis Rubiales

“I have had to suffer the consequences of an act that I did not provoke, that I did not choose and that was not premeditated. I have received threats, and this is something that you never get used to”, Hermoso told GQ.

“These past weeks have been very difficult but thanks to my psychologist, I feel strong, and I am not defeated, and I don’t have thoughts about quitting football. I am not disenchanted.”

“I don’t know if life had this in store for me or not, but it has made me see everything in a different way and realize that although I have reached the top in my sports career, there is much more.

“I’m going to learn to take advantage of this story positively to fight for what I believe is good for society.”

Jenni Hermoso’s career

Jenni Hermoso, 33, began her career at Atlético Madrid, and had stints at various clubs such as Rayo Vallecano, Barcelona, PSG, and currently plays in Mexico for Pachuca.

With Spain Hermoso has 52 goals in 106 caps and she has won 18 titles in her career between club and country.