Player Odds from DraftKings
Carlos Vela +250
Diego Rossi +300
Raúl Ruidíaz +400
Josef Martinez +500
Kacper Przybyłko +600

The new MLS season is set to kick off in April, all 27 teams are in preseason mode and the oddsmakers at DraftKings have already listed who has the best chance of winning MLS Cup at season's end. Now the sports betting platform has put out the odds on who has the most chances to win the scoring title!

There were some eye raising snubs from the top five, most notable is Argentine forward Gonzalo Higuaín (+900). El Pipa is the league's highest paid player, but Inter Miami have been dreadful, with a coaching change, Inter has not signed any notable player to suggest that Higuaín will end up the scoring champion. Javier Hernández, who had a very subpar year with the Galaxy is paying out +1800 if he ends up the scoring champion, if the Galaxy could get hot and Chicharito can get going he could be a surprise pick.

Here are the 5 top candidates, according to DraftKings, who could win the MLS scoring title, the usual suspects of Diego Rossi, Carlos Vela, and Josef Martinez made the list and with some decent odds to choose from.

Gonzalo Higuain (Getty)

Carlos Vela to win MLS Scoring Title

Carlos Vela (Getty)

Mexican Superstar, Carlos Vela is hoping to get back on track after a down 2020. The Mexican forward has scored 52 goals in 66 games. Last year he was only able to play 7 games and still scored 4 goals. At +250, Vela looks like a safe pick to win the Golden Boot.

Diego Rossi to win MLS Scoring Title

Diego Rossi (Getty)

Vela’s teammate, Uruguayan Diego Rossi, is last year's golden boot winner. With 14 goals in 19 games in 2020, Rossi has improved year after year. At +300, Rossi is another solid pick for the scoring title, but his production won’t be an issue, the key to picking Rossi is that with all the European interest will he play out the season?

Raúl Ruidíaz to win MLS Scoring Title

Raúl Ruidíaz (Getty)

Raúl Ruidíaz is long overdue for his golden boot season, the Peruvian international has improved in all three of his MLS seasons with 2020 being his most productive year. At +400 Ruidíaz could be a dark horse for the scoring champion. The question is this, will the Sounders start slow again or can they come out the gate at full force to help Raúl Ruidíaz get those essential first game goals that go a long way at the end of the season?

Josef Martinez to win MLS Scoring Title

Josef Martinez (Getty)

Okay, the oddsmakers at DraftKings did their statistical homework but after being out of action for 1 year will the Venezuelan goal machine come back and produce a Golden Boot season? This looks unlikely, Martinez will score goals, but he will be brought along slowly. At +500 we say it looks tempting to put it on Josef, but can he really score 20 goals or more after a year layoff?

Kacper Przybyłko to win MLS Scoring Title

Kacper Przybyłko (Getty)

The Polish forward from the Philadelphia Union could be ready to produce a golden boot season, Kacper Przybyłko has scored 23 goals in 49 games for the Doop. With 15 goals last season this team built on youth could be a dark horse to win the golden boot and MLS Cup. At +600, the odds look good for the Polish target man to have a big season.

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