The natural weapons of the human body are six: your feet, your knees and your fists. Thus, knowing how to use them to defend oneself can be considered a millenary art, which was later turned into a sport under the cover that it is a delight to see athletes take this common activity to another level. Boxing is more than a sport.

In fact, boxing is the only sport that cannot be played. It is simple and lapidary but true. And the fact that the physical integrity, both your own and your opponent's, is violated, invites you to take very seriously the fact of getting into a ring to exchange blows. That is why the maximum time that a boxing fight can last is also key.

With respect to professional boxing, there are certain durations of a fight depending on the context in which it takes place. And it is not the same a fight in which two rookies appear to a fight for a title opportunity or a mega fight for a world championship. Below you will discover the different variations in the duration of a boxing fight.

The duration of a boxing match

The basis for the duration of a boxing match is the round. Each round has a duration depending on whether the contestants are men or women. In the case of the former, each of these episodes lasts 3 minutes. In the case of women, each chapter of the fight lasts two minutes.

To that, we must add the time the fighters take to rest between each of the rounds they fight in the ring. The established measure in professionalism is one minute of rest between each of the episodes. Thus, to the formula to know the duration of a fight, it is necessary to add blocks of 3 or 2 minutes of action plus one minute of rest.

Then, if the fights do not have a world title at stake, their duration may vary. Rookies start with 4 rounds (16 minutes for men, 12 minutes for women) and go up to the maximum duration established, in case there are no knockouts: 10 rounds (40 minutes for men and 30 minutes for women).

However, when the fight is to conquer or snatch a World Championship, things change for men, since the duration is extended to 12 rounds, which automatically increases the time in the ring, exposing life, to 48 minutes.