It seems Canelo Alvarez has enough energy to focus on two boxing fights at the same time: the one against Gennady Golovkin in Las Vegas on September 17, and the one he started months ago with his former teammate Ryan Garcia, who recently predicted the Kazakh's victory over the Mexican. 

"I don't know why I have that feeling that Golovkin will have an amazing fight for some reason, I don't know why... Of course, the obvious pick is Canelo, but I don't know, I think I have a feeling Golovkin will have the best performance of his life. I am going to say GGG (is the winner)." Ryan Garcia stated to The DAZN Boxing Show after being questioned who will win the trilogy between Alvarez and Golovkin.

This joins the list of back-and-forth that Ryan Garcia and Canelo Alvarez have engaged in since the lightweight prospect, who will hold his next fight in July 16 against Javier Fortuna, announced he was leaving the stable of Eddy Reynoso, Alvarez's trainer and close friend of more than 18 years. 

Ryan Garcia gets hit by Canelo after predicting he will lose to GGG

This is not the first time that the current Undisputed World Super middleweight Champion has responded to Ryan Garcia in the war of declarations they have engaged in. But for sure, the blow Alvarez recently threw to King Ry may have been the hardest one.

"He's just mad for something - he's no longer in the team. He's always going to be versus us no matter what. But he's a little kid. You need to understand him. He needs to learn a lot of things. My advice for him is to do your job, focus on your career, win a world championship first, then talk about other people because you've accomplished nothing and you start talking about fighters who've accomplished a lot. When I was 20-year-old I was a world champion," said Canelo Alvarez to DAZN Boxing Show.

And that wasn't all, as Alvarez also called Ryan Garcia ungrateful because when he predicted Gennady Golovkin's win over him, he forgot the attention he gave him at his gym and even the money he owed Eddy Reynoso and wasn't paid.

"He needs to remember how much Eddy did for him. A lot of things. He and his father still owe money to Eddy and Eddy doesn't say anything because he doesn't need it. It's not fair that he's talking sh!t about everything in the camp. He came to my gym and we showed him love and support. He then goes and says anything. He's not grateful. When a person is ungrateful, it's the worst thing.”, stated Canelo Alvarez.