The Philadelphia Phillies wanted to start the 2023 MLB season with the best roster but things will not go as they expected since Bryce Harper will not be available for opening day.

The situation with Harper could be more complicated than the Phillies think since his injury will take much longer to heal and they will have to replace him for several weeks.

In 2022 things were similar for Harper since he could not play as an outfielder since April 16 of last year. It is unlikely that he will play the same position in 2023.

Why isn't Bryce Harper playing against the Rangers?

Bryce Harper underwent Tommy John elbow surgery in November 2022, until now there is no clear date for his return to the Phillies full active roster.

In a recent interview, Harper spoke about his recovery, saying "We're not going to rush it. We're gonna be smart about it. We are thankful for the DH." meaning that he could return during the All-Star Break in 2023.

The Phillies have plenty of options to replace Harper during the 2023 MLB season but they will need his batting power to win the regular season games.