As if being an Oakland Athletics fan isn’t hard enough, imagine being almost shot while going to a game. That is what happened to four fans who were injured by bullet fragments due to gunfire around the stadium during the fireworks show.

24,403 fans witnessed the A’s get a win over the Blue Jays by 5-1, a highlight for a rather dismal season which has the A’s in last place in the MLB AL West with a 27-55 record with virtually no chance already of a postseason appearance.

The four fans who were injured due to the gunfire, their names were not released neither the extent of their injuries. The OPD are working with A’s security to determine the identity of the gunmen.

OPD statement after Oakland A’s fans hit by bullet fragments

In a statement following the incident the OPD stated: Following last night’s Oakland A’s postgame fireworks show, officers were notified of a possible shooting victim inside the ballpark. During the preliminary investigation, officers located three fans struck by bullet fragments from what appears to be celebratory gunfire occurring throughout the city of Oakland. A fourth victim later walked into a local hospital. All four victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries.



The shooting in the stadium is yet another gun incident in the United States which last night saw the death of six people at Highland Park in Chicago when a gunman opened fire on the crowd. As far as Oakland goes the OPD had stated that the gunfire that happened in the stadium was taking place in other areas of the city.