The MLB, like any other competition in the US, is recognized not only because of its level but also for involving a lot of teams across the country. NFL, NBA and MLS have this in common too. Anyways, in baseball's elite level 30 franchises take part of the league and are spread throughout the big territory in different places. 

However, there are some places which have more than one team taking part in competitions. Not only there are several franchises inside a city or state playing different leagues, but also within the same tournament. 

California is one of those states that has within its territory more than one franchise taking part in a single competition. In this state, there are a number of teams that compete in baseball's top league. Take a look at how many MLB teams are in California

San Diego Padres

San Diego Padres are one of the two teams originally established in California (Getty).

Established in 1969, the Padres are one of the two teams originally from the state of California (the other teams moved there later). They have won the National League pennant two times (1984 and 1998) but lost in both World Series finals. The Pads are the only franchise in San Diego from any major competition following NFL Chargers relocation to Los Ángeles. 

Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Angels are the first team originally from California (Getty)

The Halos are the other team originally established in the state of California. They did it in 1961, becoming one of the first expansion teams of the league. A few years later they settled in Anaheim, inside Los Angeles metropolitan area. They won one World Series title in 2002. 

Oakland Athletics

The A's, nine time World Series winners, are located in Oakland, California, although they weren't originally from that state. The Athletics were firstly named as Philadelphia Athletics as they were established in that city in 1901, but they were relocated even before landing to the West Coast. The team moved to Kansas City in 1955, and they completed their relocation to Oakland in 1968.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Current World Series title holders found success in the state of California. After being originally based in Brooklyn, New York, and following a lot of name changes, Los Angeles Dodgers finally settled with that name once they landed to L.A in 1958. They've won seven World Series titles and also enjoy a big popularity in the MLB. 

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants moved to California in 1958 (Getty)

The team based in the beloved city of San Francisco also was a former New York team. Originally founded in Manhattan, the Giants are one of the oldest and most succesful teams in baseball. Firstly named as New York Gothams in 1983, they were renamed as New York Giants two years later until 1958, when their relocation to San Francisco replaced their city name. 

All in all, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles AngelsOakland Athletics, Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants are the five MLB teams in California.