In the 2018 World Series a payout for the World Series champions of $31m was reported for the Boston Red Sox, they won the championship and most of the Player's Pool (prize money) of the World Series 2018. In addition to the money, each player got a Championship Ring valued at $ 20,000.

The Player's Pool is the money added from the sale of tickets during the MLB playoffs, but not only the World Series champs take all the money from the pool bag, before the playoffs start all the participating teams meet to discuss the amount to distribute for the winners and losers.

The World Series Champions take most of the slice, but all the teams that play in the postseason also get a smaller share of the MLB Playoffs earnings. The World Series Champion distributes most of the money between the players and the coaching staff.

2021 World Series: Money prizes for teams and players.

The World Series prize money is divided into ‘shares’ which have already been agreed upon by the teams that will play in the postseason. Regardless of who the postseason winner is, all teams get shares from the Player's Pool.

Each player in the 2018 season received an average of $400,000 as World Series champions, while players on the losing team received only $259,000 each. That was the season (reported) with one of the biggest payouts for winners and losers.

The first time money was paid to the winners of the World Series was in 1903, the players of the winning team received $1,182.00 each and the losers a little less $1,316.25. Since then, season after season the Player's Pool has grown considerably to become a millionaire prize.