The World Series dates back to 1857, but the modern format that is played today was established in 1903. Previously this championship had other names such as The Championship of the United States and World's Championship Series.

The first team to win a World Series was the Boston Red Sox in 1903, they won the series 5-3 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The following year the World Series was not played due to a boycott.

During the 21st century no MLB team has been able to win the World Series twice in a row, the last time was in the 90s when the Yankees won two titles in 1998 and 1999.

What was the longest MLB World Series game?

The longest game in a World Series was during the 21st century, the Boston Red Sox were playing in 2018 against the Los Angeles Dodgers in what was Game 3 of that series, and that game ended after 18 innings and 7 hours with 20 minutes.

Since 2019 the National League teams have won three consecutive World Series (Nationals, Dodgers and Braves), and the last time an American League won the World Series was in 2018 when the Boston Red Sox won 4-1 over the Dodgers.

The team with the most World Series titles is the New York Yankees, they won their first title in 1921 and the last time they won a World Series was in 2009.