The first place Mets could not ask anything more from their players as of late, well maybe a bit more consistency as the Mets are 6-4 in their last 10 with the Braves now only 2.5 games back.

Still the New York Mets have held firm to first place all season and will hope to continue being one of the best teams in baseball down the stretch. The laidback Mets did have time for some horse play as their social media manager got some viral content.

Here is what Pete Alonso, Joely Rodríguez, Jeff McNeil, Dominic Smith and others had to say about what they would have been had they not played baseball. Some answers are jaw dropping.

Mets have fun on Instagram

The best answer was Joely Rodríguez who began to dance and said he’d love to be a professional dancer. Dominic Smith said he would have loved to have been a chef given he grew up watching the Food Network.

Jeff McNeil fancied himself as a professional golfer, but it was Taijuan Walker who had the most confident answer, he would have loved to have played in the NBA and suit up for the Los Angeles Lakers! The Lakers need help so maybe LeBron might pick up the phone!