Major League Baseball is opening its limits and now the organization will allow teams to wear sponsors on their uniforms. In other sports in the United States, such as soccer, hockey and basketball, the uniforms already have sponsors, only the highest level of baseball was left behind.

Fans say that it 'ruins' the uniforms, but the same was said about the NBA uniforms and the fans continue to buy the jerseys like nothing happened. In addition, the sponsor patch will be small and non-invasive, just like in the NBA.

The announcement was expected to be before the start of the current season but the first sponsorship contract was not yet ready. After the first team joins probably the other teams will also want their own ad patch in the next season.

Who is the first MLB team to wear a sponsorship patch?

The San Diego Padres will be the first team with a sponsor on their uniforms, the team recently announced in a video with Manny Machado and Blake Snell how the team jersey will look with the new sponsor, Motorola. The sponsor patch will be featured in the 2023 MLB season.

The alliance with Motorola will not only be in their uniform, but the sponsorship deal covers other aspects related to the San Diego Padres. The Vice-president and general manager of Motorola said the sponsorship deal with the Padres is exciting “...Being woven into the San Diego Padres jersey is an exciting and pivotal moment for the Motorola brand and our innovative product line, and we're thrilled to connect with Parents…”