The Amazin’ Mets or the Miracle Mets are a staple of the New York sport scene. At times, the little brother to the New York Yankees, but the Mets can stand on their own feet. Despite not having nearly as many championships as the Bronx Bombers the Mets have had an array of characters and top players over the years.

What makes a player a fan favorite? It comes down to heart, hustle, or rising to the big occasion. Personality is extremely important especially if you are playing for a New York team. Roger McDowell, for example, will forever live in Mets lore as just one of the funniest characters any New York sports team ever had. Mookie Wilson, on the other hand, might have the most famous at bat in baseball history!

While creating this list was tough, we tried to take into account as many eras of the Mets as possible, without leaving out some memorable players. Without further ado, here are the top 10 all-time favorite New York Mets.

10. David Cone

Whether it was his boyish looks or bright-eyed smile, fans were mesmerized or at times frustrated by the pitching ace. David Cone came to the Mets via the Royals in 1987 and wasn’t anything to really write home about. He always seemed nervous on the mound and looked like a boy amongst men on a team that had Ron Darling, Darryl Strawberry, and Gary Carter. Then he had a magnificent 1988 winning 20 games, and keeping the Mets NLCS hopes alive in Game 6 against the Dodgers. Cone also had his awkward moments, Game 2 of that series he was hit out of the park, and at times when lacking in confidence he would blow leads or give up a lot of runs. Still, he always seemed to be forgiven for any bad play and electrified the New York crowd at the height of his powers. For six years he was without question one of the best Mets on the roster, when he was traded to the Blue Jays, fans and Cone were in tears.

9.  Lenny Dykstra

Nails, Lenny Dykstra, was everything you wanted in a New York player, he was good, he put his body at risk, and he could field and hit. Dykstra was all heart, blood, and guts for the Mets. Off the field he lived the New York lifestyle to its fullest, Dykstra was just loved by the fans. Many Mets fans have told stories that the day Dykstra was traded to Philadelphia, fathers had to sit sons and daughters down and tell them the news.

8. Jacob deGrom

The makings of a legend Jacob deGrom is today what Dwight Gooden was in the 1980’s. The last two seasons deGrom has been the NL strikeout leader and fans are mesmerized by his magic on the mound. I mean he has "Jacob deGrom Hair Hat" days at Citi Field, so the aces stock is rising.

7. Gary Carter

The Kid, Gary Carter, his 1980’s teammates sometimes defined Carter as a “dork” on a team full of out-of-control ballplayers, he was the spiritual, professional, team leader. At the plate or catching, Carter was clutch, an example for all fans. No true Mets fan cannot have a place in their heart for one of the greatest New York Mets ever.

6. Darryl Strawberry

Darryl Strawberry, for all his flaws, on and off the field had fans and media at his feet. Straw had one of the most elegant swings in all of baseball. The man could hit it out of the park at will and looked good doing it. Strawberry had a tough personality, at times he would drive teammates, fans, and media crazy with his “am too good for all of you” style. Still, look at the stadium crowd then and now, and you will almost certainly see many jerseys with the number 18 and the last name Strawberry on them.

5. David Wright 

All the Wright stuff right here, David Wright was a franchise player, a 7-time all-star, an example, and team fan favorite. Unfortunately, Wright could never bring home a championship but left an everlasting legacy of sticking it out and being on top of your game with a team that did not have all the pieces in place. A stand-up ball player who loved the New York uniform.

4. John Franco

Greatest closer in Mets history, John Franco was and is beloved by Mets fans. He led the National League three times in saves, two of those years were down years for the Mets. A class act, a role model for the kids, Franco was there through the good and the many bad.

3. Keith Hernandez

The eternal Mets captain, Keith Hernandez, is most likely one of the most popular Mets of all time. Heart, soul, when things got tough Hernandez was there to pull the troops together. When the boys were out of control, he kept them on track. Keith Hernandez might be the most recognizable and most memorable team captain of any New York team.

2. Mike Piazza

After Gary Carter, Mike Piazza took the mantle of the Mets shining example of professionalism and grit. When it was all said and done, Piazza had his number 31 retired, he got in Roger Clemens face in the subway series, and refused to call a grown man Chipper. Piazza gave Mets fans too many memories.


1. Tom Seaver

Can there be any other number 1? The late, great Tom Seaver was universally loved by everyone in New York and sports. Always a gentleman, a pro, and a man who gave back, Seaver had time to sign autographs and do interviews and just move the Mets brand forward whatever his capacity. Seaver is truly the New York Mets all time popular and franchise player.