The first World Series was played at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1903 the Boston American (Red Sox) won against the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-3. The Boston team would not win another World Series until 1912.

The records within the World Series are memorable and difficult to break, one of the biggest records is the winning streaks of the New York Yankees, although both were made during the last century, it is very unlikely that another MLB team can do the same.

There are good and bad records, and one of the worst is the team with the most World Series losses (Yankees) with a total of 13, while other teams also have bad records like Tampa and San Diego who have never won a World Series despite of having played in two.

Who is the player with the most home runs in the World Series?

The record is set at 18 home runs during a World Series and the owner of that record is Mickey Mantle. He achieved that record during 12 World Series playing for the Yankees with 230 at-bats. Mantle broke the record of Babe Ruth who stayed in the second spot with only 15 home runs.

Another interesting World Series record is owned by Yogi Berra with 259 at-bats, and Mantle is in second spot. They are the only two MLB players with 200+ at-bats during the World Series, Joe DiMaggio coming up short with 199.

Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra share several World Series titles, one of which is most runs scored in a World Series, with 42 for Mantle and 41 for Berra.